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Though many of us would like this not to be the case, 3D isn’t going anywhere. In the past year, as the format has really exploded in Hollywood, The Dark Knight and Inception director Christopher Nolan has emerged as a figurehead representing old-school blockbusters. The director loves shooting film, as opposed to digital HD or other formats, and resisted releasing this summer’s Inception as a 3D film. So can we expect him to be the anti-3D standard bearer into the future? Probably not.

Speaking during a Q&A at the Hero Complex Film Festival this past weekend, Nolan said “I’m not a huge fan of 3D,” but suggested that there was significant studio pressure to turn out a 3D film anyway, as he admitted that he’d done conversion tests on footage from Inception and would eventually likely release a film in 3D. Read More »


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Briefly: Just as we’re talking about rumors of the casting for Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman movie, there’s word on the start date for the film’s production. In a rather offhand comment in the LA Times Hero Complex blog (via The Film Stage), Geoff Boucher mentions that he’ll be interviewing Nolan this weekend, and plans to asking him about Batman 3, “which starts shooting in March.”

That’s the first we’ve heard of a start date for the film, which already has a planned release date of July 20, 2012. We don’t know if the LAT has hard and fast info about the schedule, if that is a projected start date, etc. We’ll update when possible.


It’s a slow news week, and when legit news isn’t filling the frame there is room for rumor to grow. There are two big ones today: that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being primed to appear in Batman 3, perhaps as the Riddler, and that the big villain of Spider-Man will be the Lizard. Read More »


Briefly: I’m not sure why this would even be a question, but apparently there has been some lingering curiosity about whether Christopher Nolan might bring back — i.e. recast — the Joker in Batman 3. You can officially lay any curiosity to rest at this point, as Nolan said the following to Empire in response to questions about the character’s return:

“No”, says Nolan emphatically and unhesitatingly. He resists elaborating simply because, quite understandably, he says, “I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it”.

There has been supposition that we might see a shadowy Joker presence, or some other partial appearance of the character in Nolan’s next Batman film. But given what we know about Nolan, the way he works and how he feels about his close cast and crew, I can’t see how anyone would think that he would even consider recasting the late Heath Ledger. In any capacity. Let’s hope this is the end of that line of questioning. [via Obsessed With Film]

Batman 3 Gets An Official Release Date

The Dark Knight

Last week, IMAX announced that they had signed a 20-film deal with Warner Bros. One of the most interesting parts of the news was that Batman 3 was listed as one of the films which might be released sometime between 2011 and 2013. For a project which had not yet been officially greenlit or announced publicly (Nolan had said that he was working on a story/script with David Goyer and brother Jonathan Nolan), it sure got fans excited.

Well, Warner Bros has just now announced an official release date for Christopher Nolan‘s Batman 3. When can we plan to see The Dark Knight return to the big screen with a new installment? Details after the jump.

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UPDATE: According to THR, the Hobbit date listed in IMAX’s press release is a mistake. The first film in the two-part release is set for December 2012, and the second for December 2013, according to the trade. Original article follows:
Warner Bros. and IMAX have had a successful partnership over the last few years, and now the two companies have announced that they will work together on up to twenty more films through 2013.

As part of the announcement, there are a few details on notable films. One is a release date for The Hobbit (December 2013) and another is the first ‘official’ acknowledgment of Batman 3, which is mentioned as one of the ‘additional 15 films’ to be released in IMAX between 2011 and 2013 alongside Superman and Dark Shadows. Note that this press release comes from IMAX, not Warner Bros., but this still reveals a window of release for the new Batman and Superman films.

Details in the full press release after the break. Read More »


The fact that there will be another Batman film in Christopher Nolan‘s presumptive trilogy is assumed by just about everyone, despite the fact that there has been no formal announcement of the film. But in the runup to the release of Nolan’s Inception, which opens on July 16, there is already some talk about what the next Batman film might look like.

Wally Pfister is the cinematographer responsible for all of Christopher Nolan’s features from Memento on, and his photography was one of the things I liked best about The Dark Knight. He captured Chicago-as-Gotham with a simplicity and clarity that was very uncharacteristic of most superhero films. Now he’s talking about possibilities for the third film, including the option of 3D. Hint: don’t expect Batman 3D. Read More »


One of the other notable things Warner Bros head Alan Horn said at the ShoWest presentation today involved how the studio hopes to fill the void that will be left by the studio’s most successful franchise. After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II hits theaters in July 2011, that will conclude the biggest box office franchise in cinema history. How does Warner Bros hope to fill the hole left by this profitable series?

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