In this week’s /Filmcast, Dave Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley discuss the ongoing Roman Polanski saga, praise Community and Cougar Town, reflect on the similarities between Lost and FlashForward, remind you of the greatness of LA Confidential, get freaked out by Paranormal Activity, and continue to chronicle Hollywood’s downfall through the proliferation of remakes and film adaptations based on popular brands. Special guest Eric D. Snider joins us this evening.

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You Knew This Was Coming: Universal Plans a Barbie Movie


I’m so glad that on the same day we get to report that the likely to be extra-silly Masters of the Universe movie may be a go at Columbia, I also get to cover Universal’s plans for a film based on the Barbie toy line. But, really, how is there not already a Barbie movie? (One that isn’t porn?) How has Mattel failed to make a whole damn series of these movies? There are direct to DVD animated things, sure, but nary a notable or forgettable feature. According to Mattel, the time is now! Read More »

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