Q&A: Which is the Best 3D Format?

Lets face it, 3D movies are not going away any time soon. Every year we’re seeing more and more films being released and re-released in 3D. So why not experience the 3D in the best way possible?

There are several 3D formats. RealD? Dolby 3D? IMAX 3D? XpanD 3D? Which is the best 3D format? I attempt to answer that question in this weeks edition of Q&A. We’ll take a look at the technical differences, and the advantages and disadvantages between the four big choices. We’ll show you why your local multiplex picked one format over another, and we even got some of the top 3D filmmakers and 3d experts to comment.

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Get ready for one more special edition of James Cameron‘s blockbuster film Avatar. In an unusual move, however, this is not a disc-based release. Instead, Fox has teamed up with Apple to release an iTunes special edition that will allow viewers to instantly change the view of the film between original greenscreen footage, rough CGI overlays and the final version. A lot of the sort of footage that this promises might be stuff you’ve seen before, but this may be a novel way to present it all at once.

Given the degree to which many of us enjoy seeing the work in progress version of movies, especially when they reveal the process of converting raw footage into a very polished final version, this might be of more interest than your typical special edition re-release.

Check out a trailer below to see some of the features in action.

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Apparently, one of the most essential qualities of an Avatar fan is patience — Avatar 2 isn’t hitting theaters until 2014, and Disney World’s Avatar-land won’t open until years after that. But in the meantime, we have a couple of tidbits on what to expect from the future of the franchise. Director James Cameron recently offered some hints as to what Avatar 2 might look like, and went for a walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom to explore the future site of the Avatar attraction. More details after the jump.

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When James Cameron does interviews, he loves setting the record straight. He was in New York Monday night to receive a Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics. While on the red carpet, he commented on the voice cameo viral video that we recently published, the Avatar world that will be opening at Disney and also Sigourney Weaver‘s comment that she’d be returning for Avatar 2 even though she died in the first film. That last bit, in particular, is of interest because Cameron’s answer provides a glimpse into the structure of the 2014 sequel. Read his quote and more after the jump. Read More »

Yesterday, the Walt Disney Co. announced their plan to bring Pandora to the Magic Kingdom, in the form of an Avatar-themed attraction at Walt Disney World. While the decision made sense on a lot of levels — Pandora actually seems like it’d be fun to visit, and an attraction based on the top-grossing film of all time is bound to make tons of money — the initial reveal offered few answers to the obvious questions. Such as: Where? When? Why? How?

We still don’t have all the answers, but we do a few more details on the new “Avatar-land,” including a (very) rough timeline and a general location. Read more after the jump.

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Disney Adding ‘Avatar’ Attractions to Theme Parks

When James Cameron‘s Avatar hit theaters in late 2009, one of its most talked-about aspects was its ability to really bring audiences into the world of Pandora through stunning cinematography, cutting-edge 3-D and graphics, and exquisitely realized details. The world was so beautifully rendered, in fact, that stories started circulating of fans who were heartbroken that Pandora didn’t actually exist.

Well, Pandora still isn’t real, but soon it’ll become a place you can visit. The Walt Disney Co. is reportedly on the verge of announcing a plan to bring the Avatar universe to its theme parks, starting with Disney World in Orlando, Florida. More details after the jump.

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Class is in session. Put away your cell phones, sit up straight, and watch this video that’ll teach you the history of computer generated characters in movies. Beginning with the stop motion animation in the original King Kong and the films of Ray Harryhausen, to how those films influenced massive jumps like Young Sherlock Holmes, The Abyss, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, let Professor Inrdshelby (a Vimeo username) take you on a tour. Check out the video after the jump. Read More »

Pandora and Seattle have a lot in common. Both have a strong pro-environmental stance, lush, beautiful green foliage and a valuable natural resource. And though Pandora is fake and Seattle is real, the two become one this weekend as the Experience Music Project Museum will host the inaugural opening of Avatar: The Exhibition. The exhibit will be open from June 4-September 3 and include “authentic props and costumes, interactive displays, concept models, and sketches” from the highest grossing film of all-time. Plus, if you go on opening day, many of the film’s stars will be on hand. Get all of the info after the jump. Read More »

Earlier this week, Peter attended an exclusive discussion called “3D: A Transforming Visual Art – A Conversation With Michael Bay and James Cameron.” The point of the event was to discuss the use of 3D in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and how 3D in general has evolved over the last few years including, of course, the application in Avatar.

However, according to Peter’s write up, the interview wasn’t strictly a love letter to the third dimension. It was much more realistic, open and critical of the medium. “Michael Bay was as honest as you can get, explaining how everything and anything can, and did, go wrong while shooting his movie with Cameron’s 3D camera rigs….Cameron was also honest, admitting that 3D filmmaking is still in the early stages, and it will only get better.”

For more info on the event, head over to Peter’s write up and watch his video blog with Frosty from Collider. But if you’d like to see these two titans of filmmaking going head to head yourself, as well as some brand new footage from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, check out a clip after the jump. Read More »