In the coming weeks, James Cameron will likely be making the press rounds to talk about Titanic 3D and, at that time, hopefully we’ll get our first significant Avatar 2 update since last Fall. The director has reportedly been writing the film and its sequel, while simultaneously perfecting the 3D on his Best Picture winner. So there really hasn’t been much Avatar news to report. There was a rumor the films could be delayed and recently, news broke that the director would be relocating to New Zealand where the films will likely shoot. But that’s about it.

So instead we turn to the film’s stars, specifically one actress who is no stranger to sequel talkSigourney Weaver. She’s already suggested her deceased character will be back in the sequels and, in a new interview, hinted that Cameron needs a new submarine to go underwater for scenes in the follow-ups to the highest grossing movie of all time. Read more after the jump. Read More »


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Apparently, one of the most essential qualities of an Avatar fan is patience – Avatar 2 isn’t hitting theaters until 2014, and Disney World’s Avatar-land won’t open until years after that. But in the meantime, we have a couple of tidbits on what to expect from the future of the franchise. Director James Cameron recently offered some hints as to what Avatar 2 might look like, and went for a walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom to explore the future site of the Avatar attraction. More details after the jump.

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Where would James Cameron be without a new technological crusade? And where would cinema be without his techie goals? The director was at the forefront of the adoption of digital effects, and that worked out pretty well for movies. He was the standard-bearer in the new push for 3D, and that hasn’t been such a great thing so far.

Now Cameron’s Quest (coming soon from Sierra) is to push the film industry to use higher frame rates than 24 frames per second. 24fps is hardly a universal standard; you’ll find systems using 30 to 60fps (interlaced and progressive) in common usage today. But because higher frame rates can help produce clearer 3D, Cameron wants to see digital cinema projectors enabled for higher frame rates. Ah, it’s really two quests in one! Read More »

John Singleton’s Taylor Lautner film Abduction opens next week and one of his co-stars, Sigourney Weaver, has been doing the interview rounds. Being as she was the female lead in the first two Ghostbusters films, and Ghostbusters 3 is always a topic of geek discussion, the legendary Aliens star is being bombarded with questions about the potential sequel. She was also part of the biggest film of all time, Avatar, and has some info on the eventual sequels, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. After the jump, read what Weaver had to say about each film but realize they should be considered potential spoilers. Read More »

Only James Cameron, the man with back to back biggest movies of all time, could get away with saying something like this. He’s currently writing two movies called Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 says they’re not a trilogy. Three films, same continuing story, not a trilogy. Okay James, whatever you say.

In a brand new interview Cameron said that he’s still writing both films but that they’re not exactly a trilogy, more of  a “overall character arc.” Read the exact quote and more updates on the films after the jump. Read More »

The above headline is true. Avatar 2 and 3, written and directed by James Cameron and scheduled for release in December 2014 and 2015 respectively, will film in Manhattan Beach, CA. But let’s clarify that Manhattan Beach is a town. And while that town has a beach, it’s not just a beach. James Cameron is not shooting underwater sequences for the sequels to his multi-billion dollar film on the beach. In fact, he has simply signed a lease for a 580,000-square-foot studio and office facility, complete with 15 sound stages, at the MBS Media Campus in the California beach community that will not only house the production of both upcoming films, but is likely to become the new home of Lightstorm Entertainment.

So why are we reporting on a real estate deal? Well, apparently the studio where Cameron shot the first film is currently under renovations and, without a new home, the sequels were in danger of possibly being delayed. Now, that won’t be the case. Read more after the break. Read More »

Last week, James Cameron came on Twitter to give an update on his sequels to Avatar. “Sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been head-down writing Avatar 2 & 3 but had to leave Pandora for the real Pandora.” The real Pandora is the Brazilian rainforest and Cameron was in Manaus, Brazil along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and others attending the International Forum on Sustainability “to help tribal people fight the dams that are going to destroy their homes and forest.” While there, Cameron spoke to the press and said he’d like to bring his actors there for inspiration and, while meeting with several tribe leaders, he even got a new name to use in the sequel. Read his quotes and more after the jump. Read More »

We know that James Cameron has a deal with Fox to make two sequels to Avatar, and that the project(s) will be his next films. When that deal was announced we heard some basic facts, and in the months since producer Jon Landau has spoken a bit more about plans for the films. But if you’re hanging on for every last detail about the upcoming sequels, we’ve got Mr. Cameron’s most recent statements after the break. Read More »

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