The last time we checked in on Martin Freeman his name was being bandied about as a likely candidate for Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Given that the fate of that film is still up in the air, I’m not much sirprised to see that Mr. Freeman is booking other work. He’s now set to co-star in Animals, from director Marcal Fores. The film will have the actor playing a schoolteacher in “a fantasy-laced coming-of-age tale that [producer] Sergi Casamitjana dubs as ‘Donnie Darko’ meets Gus Van Sant.'”

Not that this role will have any impact at all on the possibility of Martin Freeman being in The Hobbit; Animals will shoot for eight weeks beginning on Monday, and Mr. Freeman will only work for about a week of that schedule. A couple of interesting craftsmen are involved behind the scenes, too: Buried cinematographer Eduard Grau is shooting, and Pan’s Labyrinth editor Bernat Vilaplana will cut the film. [Variety]

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Producer Neil Moritz to Make Animals



Isn’t it funny/sad/make you angry when heated discussions you had when you were, like, nine, are made into beyond epic movies? Producer Neil Moritz (I Am Legend, Even Almighty) looks to make a movie called Animals from a script by former lawyer turned hotshot screenwriter Mike Sobel that was just purchased by Columbia. The movie pitch is this: what if all of the world’s animals, including pets like kittens and gerbils, turned on us?

The movie would continue the hot switcheroo trend of “Pissed Off Mother Nature vs. Humans” that is at the center of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening and goes as far back as, I dunno, Man’s Best Friend and Funny Farm or was it The Birds (which came first?)? But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie where every animal ever, sans mascots, sea monkeys and Furries, flashes its fangs, claws and plastic balls in our Earth-ruining direction. Scary stuff, and no doubt, will make for one of the most awesome posters ever. No word on whether Animals will swat a violent paw at cryptozoology.

Discuss: In this very likely hypothetical, what animal would you prefer to do you in? I choose the sloth. Who should direct this madness? I choose Paul Thomas Anderson.

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