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Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jordan Hoffman and I’m an old man. Well, not THAT old, but, let’s just say that for me the phrase “VHS or Beta?” was more than just an indie band, it was an actual decision.

After film school I worked in the development offices of a New York-based production company for a few years, then did some solid Web 1.0 work at About.com. Then I made two independent films, both of which are good, neither of which made me any money. Eventually I got back into the writing game, working at Hearst’s UGO.com for over four years and now I’m having a blast reviewing and writing about film for a number of different publications.

The fine folk here at /Film have allowed me this weekly column to put on my bifocals, peer into the rich history of cinema and make some recommendations that may be unknown to you.

Since the big release this weekend is the extremely entertaining Chronicle I thought it might be a good idea to think back to a time before Cloverfield or go deeper than The Blair Witch Project. Read More »


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This week is the 27th anniversary of the opening of the Chris Columbus-scripted film Gremlins (June 8, 1984 was the big day) so perhaps we can blame this one on an aging impish green guy. 1492 Pictures, the company owned by Chris Columbus, has taken the remake rights to the André Øvredal film Troll Hunter, and hired Marc Haimes to script an English-language remake. This is only the latest chapter in Troll Hunter‘s path to a remake, however. Read the history, and see what Chris Columbus has to say, after the break.   Read More »