Briefly: Scant info here, but as Ridley Scott preps his possible Alien prequels, word is starting to come down about actresses who have tested for the lead role. Deadline relays word that Noomi Rapace, the original Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, “met [with Fox and Ridley Scott] and left a strong impression.” Yes, the actress is signed to the Sherlock Holmes sequel, but things are still pretty early on in the Alien prequel timeline.

The most useful bit about this news is that it might be the first step towards confirmation of something a lot of people had probably assumed: that, as with Alien, Ridley Scott might be orienting the story around a heroine. It can’t be Ripley, obviously, and lets pray that he (and the rumored rewriter Damon Lindelof) aren’t working with anyone who could possibly be related to Ripley. But the idea of a strong female lead anchoring the picture is a great one. Though as an Alien fan I’m not yet convinced that this is a good idea, I’m still eager to learn more.

Damon Lindelof Rewriting Alien Prequel?


Depending on how you felt about the final season of Lost, this news will either excite or infuriate you. Word is that Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof met with Ridley Scott and studio reps from 20th Century Fox, and is now set to do a rewrite on the script for Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Learn more about this (possible) development after the break. Read More »


Yesterday we finally learned early details about Ridley Scott‘s upcoming Alien prequel (you can read the story here). Turns out there is more to the story — or should I say STORIES.

Collider was at the Robin Hood junket today and learned that Ridley Scott has plans for not one, but two prequel films. Scott referred to the two films as “prequel one and two”, but admits that he is only working on part one at the moment. So who knows when he might ever get around to part two. Scott also confirmed the previous report that he will shoot the prequels in 3D.

Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel Details Revealed


Last year it was announced that 20th Century Fox had hired Ridley Scott to direct a prequel to the classic sci-fi film Alien. At the time I believed that would never happen. Why would Scott return to film a prequel of one of the most popular sci-fi film franchises of all time? Why compete with yourself? Producing the film seems like a much safer bet. Who knows why, but Ridley Scott signed on to direct a prequel to Alien. We haven’t heard much about the project until now.

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Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel Will Be Shot in 3D


Shadowlocked has confirmed with Star Wars and Alien art-director Roger Christian that Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel will be shot in 3D.

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We don’t know much about what Ridley Scott is planning to do with his prequel to Alien, the landmark sci-fi horror film he directed in 1979. There has been a lot of speculation that the film would involve the race of creatures from which hails the original film’s ‘space jockey’, that giant skeletal being which fell prey to the xenomorph long before Ripley and her crew arrived on a derelict spaceship. Now Sir Ridley has divulged some ideas about the timeline of the film, which leads to more informed speculation about what we’ll see. Read More »

Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Prequel


In May, it was revealed that commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was attached to direct a remake of Alien. We have since learned that it is more of a prequel than a remake. I was one of the few people actually interested in Rinsch’s involvement. Rinsch’s commercials show an amazing sense of imagination, visual effects artistry and composition (we’ve profiled his amazing commercials on the site). But apparently 20th Century Fox wasn’t happy with the Scott’s choice of director, holding out for the original helmer — Ridley Scott.

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Ridley Scott is Considering Alien Prequel/Reboot

ridley scott's alien

20th Century Fox head Tom Rothman revealed to IESB that there is “some talk” of an Alien “prequel” to go along with the recently announced Robert Rodriguez-produced Predator reboot Predators. Rothman confirms that director Ridley Scott is “toying around with the idea.” And the Fox head gives the impression that another Alien movie, be it sequel, prequel or reboot, would only happen with Scott’s involvement.

I remember reading an interview with Scott where the filmmaker expressed interest in making a prequel that would explore the origins of the space jockey and the Aliens. At one point James Cameron was working on an origin story for a fifth Alien film, but abandoned the development when Aliens vs. Predator was announced. Sigourney Weaver has publicly expressed interest in doing a sequel, but it wouldn’t make sense to include her character in an origin story. But who knows, maybe Ridley is “toying” with some kind of reboot/prequel combo.