Animated ‘Tron: Uprising’ Details Revealed

Whether or not you love or hate TRON: Legacy, there’s no denying that Disney is all in with their investment in the franchise. Video games, theme parks, toys and, of course, the upcoming animated series. Tron: Uprising will begin airing on Disney XD (that’s like Disney Channel for Boys) during the Summer of 2012 and it sports an impressive voice cast including Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens, Nate Corddry, Lance Henriksen and Bruce Boxleitner, who will reprise his role as Tron. There’s also a 10-part micro-series in the works that will premiere in the Fall.

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On November 19th, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the screenwriters of  Tron Legacy, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Because the interview mentions a couple potential spoilers, and delves into future continuations (the Tron animated series, Tron 3) / other future projects, I’ve decided to run the chat the week following release. You can read the whole interview after the jump.

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On November 19th, I had the opportunity to participate in a day of roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of Tron Legacy. I also conducted a couple of one-on-one discussions with the filmmakers and screenwriters (but that will come later).The plan is to post one of the interviews every day up until release. We’ve previously posted interviews with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund.Today we bring you a grouped interview with screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, and producer Justin Springer. You’ll notice that Horowitz and Kitsis are the type of writing team that complete each others sentences and are constantly improvising new angles and ways to pitch their material. After the jump you can read the transcript of that roundtable interview.

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Briefly: Lost producers and Tron Legacy writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have sold a new show to ABC. Once Upon a Time will almost certainly beg early comparisons to Lost, as it is based on a large ensemble cast (with actors yet to be determined) and has sci-fi / fantasy elements.

Variety describes the idea as ” a modern-day take on fairy tales, with a female protagonist who comes from a unique background. Show takes place in a small Maine town during the present time.” (Can anyone make a Maine-set sci-fi fantasy series and not have it feel like the child of Stephen King? Not that such a thing would necessarily be a problem.)

This is a story pitch the writers have been cooking for years, prior to their time on Lost, but the trade says they only took it to the network once that show was complete. In the meantime, as this develops, they’ll be writing Ouija for Platinum Dunes and Universal.

In the months following the huge box office take of Transformers, it seemed like Hollywood was going action figure and board game crazy. It has been over two years since Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes announced they would be teaming up with Hasbro to bring the board game, Ouija Board, to the big screen for UniversalLost/Tron: Legacy scribes Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsiswere hired to write a script, a draft which should have been handed in a while ago. And now it looks like the producers are about to attach a director.

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Screenwriters Return for Tron Legacy Sequel

Tron Legacy

I’ve been hearing for months now that Disney is over the roof happy with what they’ve been seeing from Joseph Kosinski‘s Tron sequel Tron Legacy. As you know, they’ve announced a computer animated television series spin-off, rumors of possible Theme park attractions won’t stop, and now Disney has hired screenwriters to pen a third film.
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Can I make a confession? I’m not 100% gung-ho about Tron Legacy, as I know other writers and Comic-Con attendees have been. Maybe it’s because Tron wasn’t a huge part of my childhood, or maybe it’s because I was underwhelmed by the footage (or lack thereof) at Comic-Con this year. Either way, what we’ve seen so far hasn’t really tickled my fancy yet, although obviously if the movie (or even the trailer) ends up being completely badass, I’m happy to revise my thoughts.

Nonetheless, Disney is certainly positioning the film as a big earner, and it looks like Platinum Dunes sees something in the writing pair of Adam Horowitz and Richard Jefferies, who wrote Tron Legacy’s screenplay. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, the two have been tapped by Universal to write Ouija, their forthcoming adaptation of the Ouija board “game.” Yes, this thing is actually happening.

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The biggest shocker at Comic Con was the premiere of a 3-minute trailer for Tron 2. The reason why it was such a shocker is that, as far as anyone knew, the film hadn’t even gone into production. But the trailer featured a fantastic completed lightcycle chase. So how did it come to be?

Jim Hill explains all the behind the scenes happenings of this project in detail on his blog, but here is the basic details: John Lasseter got behind the project. Disappointed with the direction Steve Lisberger was going in, Lasseter hired Lost writers Eddie Kitsis & Adam Horowitz to overhaul the screenplay. And as we reported a while back, the mouse house hired commercial director Joseph Kosinski (you can see some of his fantastic work here) to helm the project.

But the guys at Disney weren’t yet convinced that Kosinski’s vision of Tron 2 would be commercially viable. So Kosinski spent six months with Digital Domain creating the three-minute-long sequence which was shown at Comic Con as a teaser trailer. And judging by the fan reaction at the Con, I’m guessing that Disney will fast track the sequel into production to meet the announced 2011 release date.

Joseph Kosinski to direct TRON Sequel

Tron 2.0 video gameLast week we reported hat TRON director Steven Lisberger is finally set to make his return to the big screen after a 19 year absence with a film co-authored by Jessica Chobot titled The Soul Code. We told you that for years Lisberger has trying to get a TRON sequel off the ground. Well it now looks like a sequel will happen, but without Lisberger attached to write or direct. I wonder if the announcement last week had anything to do with fast-tracking this project into production.

Commercial director Joseph Kosinski is in final talks to develop and direct TRON. That’s right, even though the film is being described as “the next chapter”, the film will be released under the original title of the 1982 cult classic film. Lisberger isn’t completely out of the mix, he will be given a producing credit (who knows if its anything more than that – a credit). You might remember Kosinski’s name because last month he was also announced to helm the Logan’s Run remake. You can check out some of his commercial work at this link.

The new movie is being written by Lost scribes Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, with input from Kosinski. Tron is one of the first movies with extensive computer generated graphics and effects, and is certainly ripe for a remake. My only trepidation is that the effects might be updated too much, and the film not resemble the original. I don’t think that Disney would let this happen however. Kosinski has done a lot of work integrating live action with CG, so this should be the perfect project for him.

The original film was about a computer hacker/arcade owner who is split into molecules and is transported into a computer. In this computer a mean program called Master Control behaves like a dictator. The hacker, who programmed a number of features of the environment he got into, teams up with a book keeping program and his girl-friend and together they try to replace Master Control with Tron. Tron is an honest safety system.

Source: Hollywood Reporter