DevianArtist Uminga has done some kick ass work, including this drawing of Thing.

io9 has a funny DVD review of the original Captain America movie that may or may not involve mind-altering substances.

New York Comic-Con is just a few weeks away and Dark Horse has unveiled their exclusive via Action Figure Insider: A Spider-Man Syroco.

Jonathan Nolan spoke to IGN Movies about his new show, Person of Interest, but also about the leaked photos from The Dark Knight Rises and how they won’t compare:

Yeah, I think the goal with those movies is just to make something so…You know, Chris loves to shoot on these IMAX cameras, these massive cameras. As soon as you release something in the theaters, like a trailer, people go in and they record it with their iPhone or a camera, and they put it online. But when we first released that IMAX prologue for The Dark Knight, the image was so big that no one could record the whole thing with their camera. So you have one YouTube video of the top half of it and another YouTube video of the bottom half.


Comic Book Movie found this still of Loki captured by S.H.I.E.L.D agents in The Avengers.

Hypable has taken all of The Dark Knight Rises spoilers that are out there and come up with a very solid, very spoiler-filled lost of the Top 8 Things We Can Expect To See in The Dark Knight Rises.

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