These officially licensed DC iPad 2 cases come to us via GeekAlerts. Many more at the link.

The Geek Files (via CBM) spoke to Ray Stevenson about playing Volstagg in Thor and maybe even Thor 2.

Sticking with Thor, Rifftrax has made this clever Thor video putting their own jokes and dialogue into the movie.

Speaking to Total Film, Tom Hiddleston said which of The Avengers was the toughest to fight:

I think I can dismiss the mere mortals, so Captain America may be a super soldier but he’s still a man and he’s up against Loki, who’s a God. I think Iron Man’s blasters hurt a bit… But I think it comes down to his thunderous brother. No one is harder to fight than his brother because there’s all that angst within him. Thor still comes out on top.

Very cool 3D Captain America rendering by Sven Juhlin via Cool Vibe.

Comedian Patton Oswalt has publicity spoken out against The DC 52 according to Blastr.

Big happenings in the X-Men universe over at Marvel. The Associated Press (via Comic Book Movie) reports Jean Grey is taking over Xavier’s school and Wolverine is the new headmaster. Much more at the links. has handicapped all the Superman villains trying to figure out which will appear in the new movie universe Man of Steel is creating.

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