Comic Book Movie has posted a few special effects takes of a fight that will eventually feature Iron Man in The Avengers. They shoot it without the actors, just the effects, so you can put in the CG character later. There’s another video at that link.

IGN Movies has run an article which says a source of theirs confirms the Skrulls are NOT in The Avengers. So who are the enemies that we’ve seen everyone fighting? Here’s a snippet from the article:

Smart money is on Loki’s allies being the Chitauri, the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Skrulls (or one version, anyway). This isn’t a new theory. Less cheesy than the scaly-faced green guys from mainstream Marvel, the Chitauri are nonetheless an advanced inter-dimensional race of shape-shifters who also happen to be pretty scary. They even first showed up fighting Cap during World War II as the secret power foundation behind the Nazis! And they are known by many names across the galaxy, including “Skrull.”

That said, a video made the rounds recently (and has since been taken down) of footage from an abandoned Avengers video game which featured The Skrulls. Screenrant grabbed some images from the video before it got taken down, like the one above. Head there for more.

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You’ve certainly seen the close up images of the Man of Steel suit, which were so revealing they got their own post. But Comic Book Movie has a ton more from different angles, including some with the cape.

The Avengers just finished shooting in Cleveland and Comic Book Movie has posted this video of a bunch of what was shot on the final day.

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