Wales Online (Via CBM) reports that The Dark Knight Rises shot a huge waterfall in the Brecon Beacons in Wales (above) that’s going to double as the exterior of the Batcave and that Bruce Wayne will discover it near the beginning of the film. Read more at the above links.

Check out this video of helicopters approaching the set of Man of Steel thanks to Comic Book Movie.

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Hey! Look it’s Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel. No glasses! Thanks to the Man of Steel Facebook page via The Daily Blam.

A statement given to (via CBM) by one of the producers of The Avengers confirms several things about the recent filming in Cleveland, which has now come to a close. Only Thor and Cap were fighting on the streets, Hawkeye was indeed at NASA with Nick Fury and neither Iron Man or Hulk even made it to the city. Plus, Black Widow infiltrates a Russian facility. Read more at those links.

Fox 8 Cleveland (Via CBM) posted this video of fans watching Avengers filming. The clip also shows a massive explosion.

According to Manny the Movie Guy (via CBM), a source of his confirmed that Anne Hathaway‘s goggles in The Dark Knight Rises, when pulled back into a headband, look like cat ears.

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The Dark Knight Rises is filming in Los Angeles and while security is much tighter than it was in Pittsburgh, some images have leaked. This one above, along with a bunch of other zoom ins, suggest there’s a bike chase between Batman and Bane’s thugs. Head to Comic Book Movie for further evidence and to see Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

Cleveland (via CBM) is doing their best Pittsburgh impression, catching every bit of filming on The Avengers including this clip of Captain America and Loki (not the actors, but stunt doubles) choreographing a fight.

Thanks to Collider, this is the first set footage from R.I.P.D. It shows Marisa Miller and James Wong, the real world avatars of stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds respectively, walking through Fenway Park.

Bleeding Cool seems to found a possible MAJOR SPOILER for The Avengers on the IMDB page for the film. We’ve saved this until last because, it’s a huge reveal – much bigger than a fight or something. It’s a rumor but, here’s what they found:

The cast now includes Cobie Smulders as down for the role of Maria Hill/Anelle. If you’ve read the comics then you’ll know that Anelle is in fact a Skrull.

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