Mathieu Duchesne X-Men DOFP Concept

All Things X (via CBM) posted some X-Men Days of Future Past concept images by Mathieu Duchesne.

Too funny, someone photoshopped Andrew Garfield into an Avengers 2 set photo to try and trick people into thinking he’s in the movie.

There’s new footage in two new Guardians of the Galaxy TV spots via CBM.

Here’s a description of the Guardians of the Galaxy event at Disneyland via Furious Fanboy. And here’s an image of the outside.

Closer Look Superman

Comic Book Movie lightened up the Superman photo from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to highlight a few of the differences in the suit.

Speaking of suits, in the latest Fatman on Batman, Kevin Smith said the Batman v Superman Batman suit has cloth in it.

Tumbler Mashup

Maybe the best Batmobile ever via Super Punch.

A Detroit website posted a video of construction of sets for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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