Rob Csiki - Guardians of the Galaxy

Okay, this Guardians of the Galaxy poster by Rob Csiki is just awesome. Thanks to Guard the Galaxy.

Speaking to IGN Movies, Hugh Jackman said he’s love to face off with Deadpool again because the botched the first attempt.

Cool Captain America: The Winter Soldier video featuring the VFX work in Nick Fury’s SUV. Via Vixen Varsity.

Superman will be riding with Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the NASCAR even this weekend via Comic Book Movie.

Batman Forever Batarang

Geek Alerts posted this gorgeous Batman Forever Batarang prop replica.

Grantland explores the bubble of superhero movies in a fascinating way.

CineFix did a homemade version of the big action scene in The Dark Knight.

ScreenCrush says not every superhero has to live in a linked universe.

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