Fashionably Geek has come across these bad-ass Marvel bags, available in messenger (above), gym and toiletries. Head over there for a link.

Marvel (via the Hollywood Reporter) has released a few new Captain America clips. You’ll find another one (or two) in this article, but this scene is sightly more action – and shield – orientated.

On Location Vacations has come across a rumored shooting schedule for Man of Steel. Head there to read it but basically they’ll be in Illinois through September, then transition to Vancouver through January.

Oh Plastic Man, we understand wanting to be in Wonder Woman‘s clothes, but not to actually BE her clothes. Via Dominiquefam (and Geek Tyrant).

Comic Book Movie talked to The Base Studio about the 3D work they did on Captain America: The First Avenger. No real, exciting info, but if you are into 3D talk or Captain America info, it’s worth reading.

MTV Splash Page has the full clip from Captain America: The First Avenger from the latest trailer which shows Steve Rogers true worth.

And if you liked the two clips earlier in the article, Coming Soon has rounded up all the new clips from Captain America that have been released online.

Film Sketchr (via Comic Book Movie) have uncovered a bunch of  – kind of terrible – concept art from the failed Wonder Woman pilot. The image above is the best of the bunch but there are more at those links.

One of the above images was voted the worst superhero costume of all time in an article by Buzzfeed. I know what you’re thinking. Just one? Can we vote all three?

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