Such a nerdy Iron Man t-shirt on ThinkGeek.

Rumor has it Michael B. Jordan might become the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Badass Digest writes about why his ethnicity doesn’t matter.

Iron Man 3 Hoodie

Many of the Iron Man 3 armors are available as hoodies if you head over to Geek Alerts.

Before opening in the US today Iron Man 3 has already made about $300 million.

Batman Car Seat

This Batman car seat is totally awesome. Thanks to Kids Embrace via Gizmodo.

When can your kids watch Iron Man 3? has the answer.


Here’s a funny pic that’s been going around the web, Nicolas Cage as all the characters in Iron Man 3 via AsOutrasFacesDeNicolasCage and has a funny pice on the 10 actors who could play Dr. Strange.

Yes, Chris, these totally are.

Is Iron Man Marvel’s biggest success? This article thinks so.

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