Converse and DC Comics, a match made in Heaven. Geekologie has an exclusive first look at eleven new pairs of Chuck Taylor Converse inspired by DC Comics. That’s one example above, check out the site for the rest.

Any Green Lantern movie fans out there? Yeah, there are a few of you. One of the most impressive parts of the movie is the planet of Oa and Trailer Addict has this featurette on its creation.

First Lucy Punch and now Jason Patric. The two stars of the comic turned FX pilot Powers have been cast. Deadline has all the information you want.

Occasional Comics (via GeekTwins) has found this online comic called The Muppets in Thor which, as you can guess, reimagines the Thor movie as if it was only populated by Muppets. The first page is above, the rest are on Occasional Comics.

With the latest major comic book superhero death, Entertainment Weekly has ranked the all of the major superhero deaths in comics. Do you agree?

[No photo]

In The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D has trucks. And that’s one of them. The unofficial Marvel Movies Facebook has even more if you’re interested.

Curious how DC guru Geoff Johns got his start in the business? By crashing Superman director Richard Donner‘s car. Head over to the Los Angeles Times for more.

Hot Toys is one of the best collectible toy manufacturers out there and they prove it once again with this gorgeous sculpt of Captain America: The First Avenger. GeekTyrant has a bunch of additional photos.

Watching Green Lantern, you can tell a world of design went into it. Now, ComicBookMovie has a slew of unused concept art from the film, specifically of the villains. Check it out.

There’s a new Ghost Rider. And she’s a girl. I wonder what Johnny Blaze thinks. Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the image.

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