Funny stuff. Spider-Man cockblocks The Avengers by Booya Pictures (thanks to /Film reader Ryan C)

I like the design of Fabio Castro‘s Amazing Spider-Man poster, via F Yeah Movie Posters.

What Culture has about a million lists concerning The Dark Knight Rises. Here one, with four things that sucked and two that didn’t. Here’s another, looking at five ways the film differs from comics.

Here’s a cool Lego Deadpool by Michael McCooey via Super Punch.

Geeks of Doom has several different articles on Batman comics to get into if you loved the Nolan Batman films. Here’s the beginners list and intermediate list.

We Love Fine continues pumping out the superhero t-shirt, such as this fun Agent Coulson one. There are many, many more on the site.

Daniel Heard did this funny Batman bomb mashup.

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