Our own @davechensky tweeted this meme surmising The Grey is a prequel to Batman Begins.

Superhero Hype revealed a new Amazing Spider-Man mobile game will launch along with the movie.

Clark Gregg spoke to MTV about where Agent Coulson might go after The Avengers.

Marvel has linked to the full Fury’s Big Day comic that acts as a prequel to The Avengers.

Idle Hands (via Bleeding Cool) has pulled a bunch of awesome Dark Knight Returns screencaps from an upcoming preview. Head there for more.

Speaking to Canada.com (via CBM) Brandon Routh talked about gaining strength for Superman Returns.

I might have posted these before but Gizmodo reminded us that ThinkGeek has caped pint glasses available for purchase.

Diamond Selects regularly has some of the best Comic-Con exclusives and this year is no different as Superhero Hype has revealed their line up including this Amazing Spider-Man 2-pack.

Christian Bale gets choked up after watching Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight during the MTV Movie Awards.

By the time you read this, the Dark Knight Rises footage from the MTV awards will likely be gone. So maybe check out the screencaps over on Comic Book Movie.

Finally, pretty much every single character from The Dark Knight Rises has been placed in their own poster but this is the best one by far. Christopher Nolan over at CBM.

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