Geek Tyrant posted this video “Shit Batman Says,” which isn’t exactly like the usual “Shit Someone Says” bits. It’s weirder.

Comic Book Movie found a bunch of images on a Ron Paul Fan Forum of Paul dressed as Batman and his rivals as the villains. Kind of funny.

Filmophilia has a list of five Marvel movies that should get made and five that should never get made. It’s solid, mostly because they picked several movies that are already in development for the “should” and ones that no one has heard of for “shouldn’t.”

Planet Pulp posted this cool Iron Man image by Bill Reinhold.

Cute but deadly Baby Spider-Man by lastscionz, via Geek Tyrant.

A fan over at Comic Book Movie did a little photoshop work to call out what the aliens in The Avengers Super Bowl tease look like. That’s a sample above.

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