Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and the rest of The Dark Knight Rises crew were in New York over the weekend shooting a massive battle scene. There are photos and videos everywhere. Here’s a selection with links to where you can see more.


The New York Daily News has a VERY impressive gallery including this shot of Matthew Modine running and gunning as well the above slate. This is the must see gallery for spoiler hounds. Comic Book Movie has other links to photos from the same scene.

Comic Book Movie also has a ton of videos giving an idea of just how massive this scene will be. Three Tumblers? Head to the link for alternate angles including one from on the ground.


Who else in this scene? Well, it seems Anne Hathaway as Catwoman gets into the mix. Thanks to for this photo. There are a bunch more at the link.

Oh yeah. And Batman and Bane are fighting in the middle of all that mess. Here’s an insane video from YouTube user
EidolonPictures. There are more at that link and a bunch of still images from WireImage and the AP over at CBM.


CBM has another set of images from the above showdown. This is a good one.

But does everyone make it out of this skirmish alive? Maybe not. This video seems to show a character (reportedly Matthew Modine‘s according to this CBM post) meet his demise thanks to the Tumbler.

Fighting wasn’t the only thing happening this weekend on The Dark Knight Rises. /Film reader and photographer Phil Langer linked us to his Flickr page with some exclusive images including Batman hiding away in the Batpod. Head there for many more.

Finally, after appearing in the previous two films, Hypable might have found out what exactly Cillian Murphy‘s role as Scarecrow is in The Dark Knight Rises. We’re on the spoiler page so I feel fine posting this quote:

Cillian Murphy is playing Scarecrow and he is the new judge of Gotham and he is sentencing all the rich and social elite to either death or exile..which is basically the same thing

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