We just received a couple reports from the set of Cloverfield/1-18-08, which shot on Monday in Central Park. Check out the full set report complete with photos and videos after the jump. Note to Paramount Legal: All photos and video were taken on public property.

According to nooneimportant77, the production permits read:

Greyshot Arch – West 61st Street
1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Two friends run into a tunnel and hide
SPFX bricks fall
various fallen debris in the park”

Page 2 Reads:

Central Park South b/t 7th Avenue -
Columbus Circle

A group of friends find that Central Park South is empty and abandoned
-A horse & carrage trots by
-3 scissor lifts & (1) 86′ condor for lighting
-20 BG cars”

According to nooneimportant77, the first sequence involved (minor spoiler warning) a very bloody Rob and an unidentified girl (presumably Lily, played by actress Jessica Lucas) huddled under an over pass in Central Park. They exchange some lines, before Rob starts saying “look at me look at me”. Cue dust and bricks which fall on them while they scream. Then the production crew hoisted a big black tarp over one side of the over pass, which our source thinks was used to simulate more rubble falling. Could this be the end of the movie? Is the video Camera discovered buried beneath the rubble? I’m guessing not. Our source also offered this but of unconfirmed information:

“There is one thing that i heard him say, i could be wrong. it is VERY possible i’m wrong but i think i heard him say “there is one up there” as though there is one of many monsters above. I COULD BE WRONG.”

Another interesting tidbit is that they were shooting with professional film or HD cameras, and not a consumer/prosumer grade camera. This leads me to believe that not all of the footage will be from the handheld camera POV. Or may-be all of it is up until the ending, and this is the ending?

“It was all shot with professional cameras and camera men, there was ONE camera that might be consumer grade that was placed so it looked like rob was holding it.”

nooneimportant77 has also uploaded some very dark video footage from the set:

[flv: 450 340]
[flv: 450 340]
[flv: 450 340]
[flv: 450 340]

The following photos come from ebobrow. Below are some pics of movie trailers marked with the names “Beth”,”Lily”, “Rob”, which are previously released character names. But there were more, one trailer was marked with”Guy” (Anyone have any idea who this is?), another JJ Abrams’ production company “Bad Robot”, and one that just read “director.” It’s interesting that they have chosen to use nondescript character names and not the actors real names for the trailers.

Update: Apparently Guy is not a name but a nickname – Eleven Bucks Guy. You may remember seeing actor Brian Klugman tell Rob in the trailer “you owe me 11 bucks”, hence the nickname. Guy also closes out the trailer with the ironic statement “this is going to be the best night ever”; also part of the cast; no Myspace account as yet.







Here is a No Parking posting for the Paramount Pictures production of “Cheese,” which is another Cloverfield production code-name.




“Then I saw a truck of equipment go into the park which I followed and discovered that they were setting up to film under a bridge which leads me to think that they somehow get to Central Park and rest under a bridge or hide there because I saw bricks on the ground and broken trees. “



See this guy? He is one of the people that tell you to be quite and stuff. He had a piece of paper. First, though, when I first arrived there I asked what was going on. They said that they were shooting a commercial called Cheese I knew it was a lie. The funny thing was when I was passing a truck I overheard one of the drivers say to someone it is 1-18-08 and they should see the trailer on Youtube. Then another guy said it was a indie film. The funniest thing I noticed was that on this guys paper when he sat next to me it said Circled “Cheese”. I knew it was the fake name but then I noticed the Paramount logo on the top right. It was funny to think that any other person who saw that paper would wonder why a BIG company would make a Cheese commercial.

Here are some photos from the closest place that our source could get to:








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