Set Photos: Bond 22 and Eagle Eye

Bond 22

Eagle EyeNew unofficial photos from two of 2008′s more promising action flicks, Eagle Eye and Bond 22, have hit the web. The larger, moderately more exciting batch belongs to Eagle Eye, with 21-year-old star Shia LaBeouf shown exiting an armored vehicle accessorized with a pump shotgun, a peacoat, scratches above his eye and slacker facial fuzz. What really grabbed my attention, however, are the photos of LaBeouf with co-star Michelle Monaghan, who plays a single mom in the film.

I don’t know about you, but this type of thing can bug me for the duration of a film. For instance, remember Johnny Depp’s mom in Blow? Thankfully that was a minor roll, but with Monaghan and Shia’s characters both dropped into a plot to assassinate a politician after they’re framed as terrorists (bad luck, much?), hopefully this is addressed on screen or off. Then again, in this age of Juno maybe it’ll fly regardless. We’ll find out when D.J. Caruso‘s follow-up to Disturbia opens on August 8.

Next up are two photos from the still untitled Bond 22, now filming in London, one of which shows Daniel Craig as Agent 007 looking quite dapper, happy and clutching a newspaper. A second photo shows Judi Dench as M walking determinedly. Somewhere, the Internet’s MacGyver is piecing together what this all means to construct a giant spoiler. Don’t blow yourself up there, brah. In more stimulating Bond news, porcelain-skinned, raccoon-eyed hottie Gemma Arterton was confirmed last week as the new Bond girl. I think her eyes express an ideal double-shot of “kiss me” and trouble. What about you? Though it’s a month behind schedule, Bond 22, directed by Stranger Than Fiction‘s Marc Forster, is still scheduled to open on November 7.

Bond 22

Bond 22

See More photos from the set of Eagle Eye on Just Jared. For more Bond 22 set photos check out MI6.

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