If you would like to see District 9, this Thursday 6th August 2009, then you’ve come to the right place. The screening is for pass holders only – but I’m about to tell you how to get a pass – and it will begin at 7.30pm, at the AMC Mazza Gallerie. As is always the way with these things, there’s a slight oversupply of passes, so arrive early to guarantee your seat. I know that can be a pain, but if they don’t run it this way, there can be empty seats and, frankly, that’s just a waste.

This promotion is in collaboration with Kevin McCarthy of CBS’ Washington DC station ’106.7 The Fan’. It’s now a sports talk station, predominantly, so Kevin just crops up doing the odd movie review in other folks’ shows, but you may recall he had his own movie show until very recently. It was on that show I was honored to appear weekly and represent /Film, sharing some of our news. There’s something in the pipeline that should see Kevin taking up more of the airwaves once more but… more on that when the time comes.

If you need reminding quite why District 9 is worth giving up your Thursday evening at such short notice, perhaps you’ll want to check out David’s video interview with Neill Blomkamp, the film’s originator, co-writer and director. Or there’s also Peter’s review of the film. He really rather liked it, you know.

Okay – here’s what you need to do to claim your passes. You need to e-mail me with the answer to a simple question. After 2pm EST on Thursday 6th, I’ll freeze the inbox and pull 25 responses out of the virtual hat (I’ll scroll up and down with my eyes closed or something silly like that) and then send your passes over to you via e-mail, and your details over to the cinema.

The simple question really is simple: which upcoming film are you most looking forward to, and why?

I won’t get to see District 9 for a little while yet, so colour me green. Enjoy the film.

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