TiVo announced plans to release an IP set-top box

The 2012 Oscars explain why Hollywood and Silicon Valley can’t get along:

It’s clear that the business model of Hollywood is built around scarcity, while the business model of Web-based companies is built around abundance. How the leaders of these two industries handle the vast dichotomy between these two models will tell you a lot about the future of video entertainment. During last night’s Academy Awards, the Hollywood message was distinctly one of scarcity, and it went something like this: It is only a few unique individuals, trained for generations, who can create this magic on a consistent basis. Anyone who has spent more than a few hours on the Internet knows otherwise – that the world is full of uniquely talented people, crowdfunding their ideas, embracing off-the-shelf digital tools and experimenting with innovative new formats for film.

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HBO Go coming to Xbox 360 on April 1st

Microsoft Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle coming on April 3rd

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Hugo director Martin Scorsese and his cast explain the advantages of shooting movies in 3D

Deadspin’s Top 10 Movies Of 2011

Check Out the Breaking Bad Shoes Bryan Cranston Wore to the Independent Spirit Awards

ABC’s Oscarcast drew an audience of 39.3 million — up from last year’s 37.9 million

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