Yahoo premiered a new poster for Happy Feet Two.

Molempire lists 5 Inspirational Movies You Should Watch Before Running on a Marathon.

Waldorf & Statler cosplayers with Felicia Day.

Nacho Vigalondo drunkenly wrote a review on Twitch for his own movie, Extraterrestrial. Here is an excerpt:

Sucks an awsome movie, shiut. so good. ten out of ten. ITs an alien film with NO ALIESNS!!! HOW COOL IS THATTT???!!! SUX a god idea!!!### The UFOS dont give a shit, mama, just like IN real life >>>>>  Vigggalondon is a GENIUXX.

Another cool international poster for The Thing.

HoustonPress lists 10 Awful [Good] ’60s Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Adam WarRock’s new rap album was released this week, and it’s all about Firefly.

OCWeekly lists the Top Five Home Videos Disney Doesn’t Want You To See.

Krang Stomach Tattoo

Complex lists The 10 Most Stylish Badasses in Movies.

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