The house featured in Home Alone is for sale for $2.5 million.

Listen to some of Basement Jaxx‘s Attack the Block score.

Bernie Hou created this New York City movie map, illustrating 91 movies that take place in the city.

THR lists 10 Production Facilities That Are Giving Hollywood a Run for Its Money.

Check out a series of Pulp Fiction/The Simpsons mash-up fan art.

Judd Apatow talks to MTV about the in-development Pee-Wee Herman movie: “All the Pee-wee stuff is for a wide audience,” Apatow said when asked if he’s going for a more adult or broad audience-targeted film. “‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ was for a wide audience. [Paul Reubens] is about to hand in the draft and I’m very, very excited. I thought his HBO show was hysterical and there is nothing more fun in life than reading pages that Paul Reubens has written for Pee-wee Herman. It’s just the treat of all time.”

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