The Daily has posted Part 1 of two-part behind the scenes feature sitting down with Aaron McBride, the visual effects director for “Iron Man 2” at Industrial Light and Magic. He gives a walk-through of the process of turning the barren present day 1964 World’s Fair site into “The Stark World’s Fair”.

Cracked lists 5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck.

SweetSugarbelle designed these Star Wars cookies.

Josh Olson provides commentary for the movie trailer for The African Queen in the latest edition of Trailers From Hell.

MovieWallpaper has a new photo from Dream House, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

The Film Stage lists their Most-Anticipated Films of 2011.

Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci are locked in a hotel room working on the screenplay for Star Trek 2. [twitter]

San Francisco Mission locals are going to be performing a stage production of Clueless.  They have six shows scheduled – April 8, 9, 10,15, 16, 17 – which will premier at Engine Works, 190 Capp. Tickets are $10. The show’s creators describe the project:

AS IF: Like, a Performance, Duh!” is a play in four acts, taking inspiration from the film Clueless while constructing a new space for it to thrive in. We plan to create an all-encompassing environment that moves the audience not just through the story but through the experience of adolescence: re-living the excitement and fear of walking down the school hallways, going to the parties, figuring out who we were and who we wanted to be, and like, picking out what to wear in the morning! [SFist]

Joe Dante reminds us that his old television series Eerie Indiana is now available on Netflix Instant. [twitter]

Matt Damon talked to EyeWitness about Neill Blomkamp‘s highly secretive sci-fi thriller Elysium:

“I’ve never done anything quite like this and I kind of responded to what’s out there and what’s in and what’s good. The movie is going to be good, he showed me basically the entire world which he’s going to build and it’s really, really exciting. And I can’t wait!”

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