One of the new Star Wars costumes released for next Halloween lets you be Luke riding a Tauntaun.

Here is a better Tauntaun costume, homemade, which requires two people. [super]

Take a look at The World’s Greatest Movie Stunts.

Dan Jones’s submission to Threadless’ 1980’s tee design contest. [super]

Pinewood Toronto Studios plans to create streets replicating Manhattan, Chicago and London Streets for film and TV. [thr]

Do your friends make you sit through the credits? Here is a comic strip from Greeting from Space.

Thompson on Hollywood lists Seven Reasons To Be Excited about Abrams/Spielberg’s Super 8.

Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative created this awesome Time Bandits poster for the TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Back To The 80s screening series in Toronto. [twitch]

Screenwriter John Brian King has published a short story titled Mother on Popcorn Fiction: “A couple stops by Mother’s apartment for dinner and get more than they bargained for in this terrifying tale from screenwriter John Brian King.”

Loofah sells cute crocheted whimsical Star Wars dolls. [fanboy]

After explaining Memento to festivalgoers at the Venice Film Festival, Christopher Nolan’s brother (and story writer) Jonathan Nolan gave him a bit of advice, and this is why you’ll never hear Nolan explain the truth of Inception‘s ending: “He said, you made a film where it’s ambiguous at the end specifically because you’re in the head of a guy who doesn’t know the truth. So if you tell people as the creator what the truth is, you’re violating the terms of the story. And we’ll make much more money if you don’t tell them.” [movieline]

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