Alliance Metals in West Oakland created this C-3PO metal sculpture. [laughingsquid]

Lifehacker explains how you can plant ideas in someone’s mind (not quite Inception style)

How Top Gun should’ve ended…

Last week it was announced that Fox Searchlight would be issuing award screeners to SAG voters online via iTunes. Focus Features, and Paramount Pictures are following suit. [incontention]

Poor Matthew McConaughey can’t stand up by himself… [imgur]

Blackbeard appears as a character in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film, but some may forget that the famous pirate actually existed — his sword was just discovered by archaeologists off the coast of North Carolina. [nationalgeographic]

The Atlantic takes a look at the 15 Highest-Grossing Best Picture Oscar Winners.

Return of the Jedi featured on a College Exam. [furiousfanboys]

Here is a trailer for Funny Or Die Presents: Season 2.

The Batmobile from Batman Returns is up for auction on eBay. The starting bid is $299,000 but you can buy it now for a measly $499,000. [usatoday]

DKNG‘s poster for New Beverly Cinema’s Edgar Wright triple feature (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) are sold out. But here is a photo of the poster.

Banksy has released his storyboard sketches from his opening sequence of the Simpsons. (thanks to /Film reader Frederic van S)

LucasFilm has confirmed that the three Star Wars Blu-ray box sets will not include extra Digital Copies of the films for your computer.

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