Actually, I exaggerated a bit. Today, Stride Gum announced that it will give out one million packs of free gum if the world renown petition to deaden director Uwe Boll‘s career as the self proclaimed “only genius in the whole f’n business” reaches one million signatures. Boll has repeatedly said that he’ll quit “his profession” if that number is met. Currently, the tally is nearing an underwhelming 260,000. Go to to sign the petition. Free gum is great and all, but we only get it if it hits one million by May 14th.

Slashfilm would like to quicken the process, so if you work in the marketing department for Charmin (sweet gig) or another reputable toilet paper company, jump aboard this bandwagon of hate for the smilin’ pugilist who brought us BloodRayne and will soon bring us BloodRayne 3. And how about free beer to go with that gum?

Discuss: What should companies give out to make this a sealed deal? At this point, does your mom know who Uwe Boll is?  

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