New Optimus Prime Concept Art?

New Optimus Prime Concept Art?

Update: /Film Reader Chad has confirmed that the art is actually believed to be a fan creation, which was first posted on October 17th 2007.

Concept sketches of an alternative movie version of Optimus Prime complete with trailer attachment have shown up online. I love how the trailer combines with the cab/body when Optimus transforms into autobot form. Some are claiming that these concept sketches were unused ideas for the first film, while others claim they are potential ideas for Transformers 2. Considering the fact the images have remained online for a few hours, I’m guessing they fan creations. Either way I’m impressed. May-be Michael Bay leaked the photos to spread more misinformation, which he will tomorrow fess up to in his latest “I tricked you guys” message board posting.

New Optimus Prime Concept Art?

source:, Karim

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