Why Han is A Non-Believer

In A New Hope, Han tells Luke that “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” Solo seems to be the Star Wars galaxy equivalent of atheist, probably the result of something that happened to him when he was younger. In the books, Solo got his start piloting under the alias Vykk Draygo working for the High Priests. But he eventually discovered the true nature of the operation was a scam designed to lure Pilgrims into becoming slaves.

The Origins of Han’s Smuggling Days

I’m sure we will likely see how Han Solo became a pilot and a smuggler in some capacity. In the books, Solo was a beggar and pickpocket throughout much of his youth, doing whatever he could to get by.

The Love Life of Han Solo

We will likely see the early days of the Corellian ladies man. In the expanded universe prequel history, Solo’s most notable relationship pre-military was with Bria Tharen, one of the pilgrims who had come to Ylesia seeking religious sanctuary. They escaped together after discovering out the mission was a scam. Tharen left Solo because she felt that she was holding him back and to join the Rebal Alliance.

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