Note: The answer to yesterday’s contest, (one of) Russ’s favorite movie(s), was Miller’s Crossing. The winners were Aaron N of California and Kevin P of Pennsylvania. 

All this week you’ve had a chance to win one of 10 copies of Scott Campbell‘s latest book, The Great Showdowns. It’s a collection of Campbell’s distinctive, awesome art depicting some of the greatest conflicts in movie history. (As seen above.) We at /Film have been writing about Showdowns for years, most recently for Campbell’s second full gallery show. So, to commemorate and give away the new book, we teamed up with Campbell to do something very special.

Each day this week, we’ve been world premiering brand new, never before seen showdowns. Each showdown is based on the favorite movie of one of five /Film writers: Germain Lussier, David Chen, Russ Fischer and Angie Han and so far we’ve given away 8 copies of the book. Today is your last chance and, of course, it’s based on the favorite movie Peter Sciretta.

You’ll have one day to look at the showdown, read his explaination why it’s his favorite movie of all time, and then e-mail in your guess. At the end of the day, two will randomly be selected and sent a free copy of The Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell.

Sound good? Check out Peter’s favorite movie of all time below and find out how to enter.

Here’s the world premiere of Scott C’s Showdown for ______, Peter’s favorite movie of all time.

What movie is this showdown from? If you know, check out instructions below. For some clues, here’s why this is Peter’s favorite movie of all-time:

I wish I could tell you that I saw this movie in the theater on opening night. That I waited in a line that wrapped around the block at the local one screen movie theater.

But the truth is that when I first saw this movie, it wasn’t in a movie theater with my friends. The first time I saw the film was at home on television with my family. And if I could go back, and do it differently, I wouldn’t. We had rented the film from our local mom and pop video rental store on VHS for our traditional weekly movie night. I was only 6 or 7 at the time, but I already knew that there were more layers to this film than the other Hollywood movies I had seen. It also introduced me to a science fiction concept that has become an obsession.

I kept renting the film week after week — so many times that the rental store finally decided to just gave us the copy. The VHS tape was beginning to wear and I watched it enough times that it wore out completely. I later taped a version that aired on HBO, but even that copy eventually wore out. My VHS player became my time machine, revisiting the movie, exploring the details, reliving the experience, over and over. I would do this not just through my childhood, but throughout my adult life.

Decades have passed and I’ve owned various versions of this movie in every format imaginable (which even includes laser disc and Japanese VCD). I finally got to see the movie on the big screen in my early 20′s, and have revisited it in the movie theater a handful more times since then. I can’t guess how many times I’ve seen the film in total, but I can’t imagine many other people have seen their favorite movies as much as I have watched this film. Or at least I’d like to think so.

So what’s Peter’s favorite movie of all time? E-mail the answer in the subject line to along with your name, address and - if you live in Canada - your phone number. Sorry, the contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. The contest ends at 11 p.m. PST tonight and winners will be contacted directly. If you don’t include all the information and you get picked, another number gets selected.

And that’s the end of the contest. If you don’t win, or haven’t yet, I urge you to head to Amazon and pick up a copy yourself. I highly recommend it. It’s awesome.

NOTE: If you leave the answer in the comments, all you’re doing is making it harder for yourself to win. 

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