First Look: Ace Ventura 3

Remember last year when we told you that Morgan Creek was developing a third Ace Ventura: Pet Detective film starring childhood actor Josh Flitter? Remember how you had a gut feeling it might be a good idea and we made the huge leap in logic to predict that it wasn’t… Well the first set photo of Flitter as young Ace Ventura Jr. has been posed online at (found via moviehole). The girl next to him I believe to be co-star Emma Lockhart, who you might remember as the young Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. They also have the official plot synopsis and poster:

“Allrighty-then. After his African adventure in “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” Ace returned to Florida, married girlfriend Melissa (Ann Cusack) and became the doting father of a baby boy. Never one to sit still, Ace’s curious nature took him on another remote case. The goofball gumshoe was never to be seen or heard from again.

Single mom Melissa couldn’t fully put the past behind her. Now a zookeeper, she and Ace Jr. (Flitter) have made a life carrying on without her husband. Much to Melissa’s chagrin, however, 12-year-old Ace Jr. has begun to follow in his father’s comic footsteps. He has recently become a pet detective for the 7th grade set, often trying to recover classmates’ missing pets, and always with big mishaps.

But when a master animal thief abducts a baby panda and his mom is wrongly arrested of the crime, Ace Jr. must jump into action. Now, with the help of pals Laura and tech wizard A-Plus, young Ace must bring the thief to justice and do his inane and lovable dad’s memory justice.”

Now tell me that doesn’t sound bad. I also found these early promotional posters on

I think this film already has at least one 2008 Razzie Award in the bag. Ace Ventura Jr. is set to be released in September 2008.

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