diagon alley train bridge

Train Bridge

A train bridge is overhead and if you listen sometimes you can hear the noises of trains passing overhead. I would love to speculate that the bridge is there for possible future expansion opportunities that would allow the Hogwarts Express to go to other Wizarding Worlds but from what I can see, the Hogwarts train tracks don’t line-up with the bridge. The train bridge might just be yet another piece of set decoration immersing park guests in this London-esque area. Its possible that in addition to atmospheric themeing, the bridge provides some additional shelter during Orlando’s famous rainstorms or hides the dragon at the top of Gringotts Banks up the street so that guests are forced to walk further before taking photographs (otherwise the entry way might get clogged).

Knockturn Alley

Knockturn Alley

Knockturn Alley
Knockturn Alley

If you turn left under the bridge you will find an alleyway that descends into darkness (even during daytime hours). You are in Knockturn Alley, a shopping area completely devoted to the Dark Arts. It is here you can find Borgin and Burkes, a store which specializes in the dark arts, as well as store fronts for Noggin & Bonce, a shop that sells shrunken heads and a wizarding tattoo shop.

bellatrix wanted poster in knockturn alley

On Closer Look:  The alley is very dark, and its easy to miss some of the fun details and easter eggs. One of them are the living (ie moving) wanted posters for Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback.

Unique Attraction: Knockturn alley features a fun interactive effect which allows muggles to control a skeleton in the window front by moving their body in front of the window. The effect uses some kind of Microsoft kinect technology to mimic the movements of the muggle in front of the window.

On the next page we’ll enter Knockturn Alley’s dark arts store Borgin and Burkes and see what is inside.

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