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Dutch Southern has a new t-shirt called “Product Placement”, a design created by Josh Eacret.

It’s a tribute to the fake products and companies found in movies, and to the filmmakers who didn’t want to sell out or get sued by real corporations.¬†Each logo is accurately recreated in painstakingly detail by Josh Eacret’s hand.

After the jump you can find a complete listing of the fictional companies listed, and which movies they appeared in.

The products and companies include:

  • Elsinore Beer – Strange Brew
  • Cyberdyne Systems – Terminator
  • Weyland Yutani – Alien
    Chico’s Bail Bonds – Bad News Bears
    Paper Street Soap Company – Fight Club
    Spatula City – UHF
    S-mart – Army of Darkness
    SMEAT – Waterworld
    Dapper Dan – O Brother, Where Art Thou
    Doc Hopper’s Frog Legs – The Muppet Movie
    Death Records – Phantom of the Paradise
    Winkies – Mulholland Drive
    Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems – Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
    ConSec – Scanners
    Happy Toyz – Maximum Overdrive
    Red Apple Cigarettes – Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1
    Gypsy Cab Co – Royal Tenenbaums
    Kobayashi Porcelain – Usual Suspects
    Rekall – Total Recall
    Nakatomi Trading Corporation – Die Hard
    Initech – Office Space
    OCP – Robocop
    Lester Corp. – Being John Malkovich
    Encom – Tron
    Mr. Smiley’s – American Beauty
    Tyrell Corp. – Blade Runner
    The Very Big Corporation of America – Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
    Spectacular Optical – Videodrome
    Hudsucker Industries – Hudsucker Proxy
    CRS Consumer Recreation Services – The Game
    ICS – Running Man
    Double Deuce – Road House
    Lacuna Inc. – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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