How would you like to own some authentic props from the world of Dredd 3D? Pete Travis‘ kick-ass comic book adaptation, Dredd, is now on Blu-ray and the fine folks at PropStore are selling all kinds of choice pieces from the film. The bike, the helmet, it’s all currently up for auction.

In addition, they’ve been kind enough to provide /Film with two authentic props from the film. We have a Halls of Justice Control Operator Uniform and a pair of Mega City One License Plates. And they can be yours, for free. You just have to prove you’re a Dredd fan. Find out more below.

To see everything PropStore currently has available from Dredd, visit this page. And you can read more in this press release.

But you want, free props yes? Well here’s what we’ve got.

For more information on the costume, click here. For the license plates, click here.

To enter, here’s what you’re going to have to do. Send us a photo of you with your most obscure, cool piece of Judge Dredd memorabilia. It could be anything. An old comic book, a helmet, gun, whatever you have. (Got an old Anthrax shirt featuring Judge Death from the ‘Among the Living’ Tour? If so, send it to Russ, because he lost his years ago.)

We’ll even take a shot of you with a copy of the new Dredd DVD (or…if you can handle the embarrassment, a Judge Dredd DVD). Any piece of Dredd merch will do (and, hint, you don’t even *have to* own it. I’m sure Target has those DVD’s lying around) but the cooler and more obscure the piece, the better your chance of winning.

Email the photo of you and your merch to by noon PST on Tuesday February 5. We’ll then pick the winners and have the props sent out. First prize will choose which they want, second will get the remaining prize.

Sound good?


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