House of Cards

Netflix has named two new show runners for their original series House of Cards, replacing the show’s creator Beau Willimon. The streaming service is promoting two of the senior writers who have been working on the show since 2014. The new House of Cards showrunners will be Melissa James Gibson (whose plays include PlaceboWhat Rhymes with AmericaThis, [sic], Suitcase or, Those that Resemble Flies from a Distance and Brooklyn Bridge) and Frank Pugliese (whose theater work includes Aven’U Boys, The King of ConnecticutThe TalkThe AlarmThe Democracy Project). Read the full press release, after the jump.

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Star Wars Episode VIII Announcement Teaser

Concrete details on Star Wars: Episode VIII have been hard to come by, and in their absence tons of rumor and speculation has sprung up about the next chapter in the sci-fi saga. But now, at long last, it looks like we’ll be getting some real information.

Cameras are officially rolling on Star Wars: Episode VIII under director Rian Johnson, and to celebrate that fact Disney has released the very first Star Wars: Episode VIII production teaser. In addition to that, they’ve also unveiled the official cast list, revealing that Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro will be jetting off into the galaxy far, far away.  Read More »

Is Steven Soderbergh Un-Retiring?

Steven Soderbergh Haywire

It’s been a couple of years now since Steven Soderbergh announced his retirement from movie directing. And although he’s kept plenty busy with TV and other projects, he’s kept true to his word so far: he hasn’t helmed a big-screen feature since 2013’s Side Effects. But that may be about to change, depending on whom you believe.

The trades are reporting that Soderbergh is coming out of retirement for a heist pic that would reunite him with his Magic Mike star Channing Tatum. However, Soderbergh has gone on record to deny the whole thing, insisting that the stories are “wrong.”  Read More »

Mr Robot Season 2

USA Network’s Mr. Robot was one of the surprise television series of 2015. And now the Sam Esmail-created hacking drama is gearing up for a second season and has added an actress for The Newsroom and American Horror Story Grace Gummer. Learn about the Grace Gummer Mr Robot casting, after the jump.
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The 100 Ricky Whittle

A TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods has been in the works for years now — first at HBO, now at Starz — and the latest iteration of the project has just made a huge leap forward. Ricky Whittle, probably best known as Lincoln on The CW’s The 100, will play the lead character, Shadow Moon. More about the American Gods Shadow casting after the jump.  Read More »

Operation Avalanche Review

People don’t seem to be all that impressed with found footage movies anymore, especially in the horror genre. But director Matt Johnson has done something clever with the narrative style in his Sundance selected comedic conspiracy theory thriller Operation Avalanche.

We all know that the United States was the first country to step foot on the moon after Russia beat us to space with Sputnik. But do we really know that for sure? Plenty of conspiracy theories claim that the moon landing was faked, and Operation Avalanche shows us how it was done in a story that might be the most original movies about the space race you’ll ever see. Find out more in or Operation Avalanche review below! Read More »

George Clooney in Hail Caesar

2015 officially ends in a couple of days, but it’s hard to mind too much when 2016 looks so promising. For starters, next year brings Hail, Caesar!, the Coen Brothers‘ first film since 2013’s superb Inside Llewyn Davis. The directors’ names alone were enough to put this one on our radar, but the first trailer catapulted it right to the top of our most-anticipated lists.

Set during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the star-studded comedy follows studio fixer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) over the course of one very busy day. When movie star Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) is kidnapped by a mysterious organization calling itself The Future, it falls on Eddie to rescue him. The first Hail, Caesar! poster and a new Hail, Caesar! TV spot have just been released, and you can see them both after the jump.  Read More »

Red Mars TV Series

J. Michael Straczynski‘s latest sci-fi series was the earthbound Sense8, but the Babylon 5 creator is shooting back off into outer space with his next one. He’s set to write and executive produce Red Mars for Spike, based on the award-winning Mars trilogy novels by Kim Stanley Robinson. More on the Red Mars TV series after the jump.  Read More »

Julianne Moore and Todd Haynes reuniting

Director Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore have made two great movies together. They first collaborated 20 years ago with Safe, an unnerving drama/horror movie. Years later the director and actress worked together on the deeply beautiful Far From Heaven, but that was the last time the two collaborated. After a 13 year wait, Haynes and Moore are joining forces once again for an adaptation of Brian Selznick‘s “Wonderstruck.”

Learn more about the project after the jump.

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David Cronenberg on True Detective

Man, Nic Pizzolatto just can’t catch a break. The mind behind HBO’s True Detective was accused of misogyny during the first season of his once acclaimed show, and then season two took a real beating from critics and fans. Now, even David Cronenberg (The Fly), who was offered the chance to direct a season two episode, has some harsh words for Pizzolatto. Check out Cronenberg on True Detective after the jump.

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