Not long ago we heard that reshoots for Universal’s threequel Little Fockers were potentially going to involve Dustin Hoffman, who appeared in Meet the Fockers, the first sequel to Meet the Parents. Hoffman had originally declined to be a part of Little Fockers for a variety of reported reasons. (Scheduling, the part written for him, financial differences, etc.)

But changes are being made to Little Fockers, and one of them is that Dustin Hoffman has been written back in, and will take part in pickup shooting in September. Read More »


Briefly: Robert Schwentke‘s movie Red is evidently testing well, and I’ve heard great things about it from a few people who’ve seen big chunks of the movie. (And it’s doing well enough that Schwentke is now up for gigs like Wolverine 2.)

But the film isn’t quite done, and the director is down in Louisiana this weekend with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich to shoot a new scene for the film. THR says this isn’t a reshoot in the usual sense. Rather, it is an addition to the movie: a one-minute gag that will (presumably) be an after-credits tag.

I know there is some resistance to the film based in part on the fact that it seems to seriously depart from the comic upon which it is based. But look at the cast: Willis, Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Julian McMahon, Richard Dreyfuss, Ernest Borgnine and Brian Cox. That’s a hell of a lineup, and I can’t wait to see them romping through what looks like a sort of action farce.


UPDATE: The LA Times talked to Universal chairman Adam Fogelson, who said the film is testing well and added,  “As we’re continuing to refine the film, one of the ideas that’s certainly a possibility is having Dustin be a part of the picture. We didn’t call him and say that we desperately need his help or anything like that. But there is one path that we’re pursuing that could include his involvement.” Take that as rumor control or damage control, as you will.

I’m shocked — shocked! — that Little Fockers isn’t testing well. The first trailer for the film left me with little doubt that the would be exactly what you’d expect out of a threequel to Meet the Parents: broad, mildly awkward comedy with a few family-approved sexual and scatological tee-hees. Gurgle.

Earlier this week there was a report that a week’s worth of pick-up shots were in order, to give the film a little more zing. Now another source says that the film might undergo more dramatic reconstructive surgery, including (if possible) an injection of Dustin Hoffman. Read More »


Briefly: This is a quick update to a story from yesterday about Nicolas Cage skipping out on the Joel Schumacher film Trespass. Shooting was scheduled to start within a couple of weeks on the picture, but Cage abruptly left, which put the production into the position of scrambling for a replacement. The male lead was already in flux, and with Cage gone the producers have to recast the primary villain as well.

Now I’m told by a source in Louisiana that crew has been sent home and the production is delayed. And Cage was scheduled to do reshoots for Season of the Witch during downtime on Trespass. The release of Season has already been delayed, and was recently scheduled to hit theaters and the Netflix streaming service later this year. I’ve heard the Season reshoots are now ‘in trouble’ but don’t have further info.

If this delay goes for a while, it’ll be a tough break for Louisiana crews. Production slows down this time of the year so every gig is valuable. And while it’s easy to make fun of Schumacher’s movies, every once in a while he does a good one. The premise of Trespass isn’t great, but the cast (Cage, Nicole Kidman, maybe Liev Schreiber) was…interesting. I wanted to see what happened there.


If you liked the idea that David Fincher has seen and given notes on the current cut of Tron Legacy, then you’ll love this. There are reports that reshoots for the film took place in June (not a big shock, reshoots being a relatively common way massive films deal with changes and narrative issues) and the new material for the reshoots was written by Brad Bird and Michael Arndt in conjunction with the original writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Cue Pixar fangasm in 3…2..1.. Read More »


While no one has been officially cast as the young farmer Jack in Bryan Singer‘s Jack the Giant Killer, a few actors have been name-checked as having meetings for the role, including Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus/Social Network star Andrew Garfield.

The film, which was originally scheduled to begin shooting this Summer in England, has now been been pushed back to February 2011, in an effort to give Singer more time to better figure out the visual effects. According to HeatVision, Singer will use a process that will supposedly allow him to see the giants in-camera as the actors play opposite them.

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There isn’t much to this story, just the screen capture included above. It is of a tweet from Edgar Wright, director of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the upcoming film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, that reads:

I just met Joss Whedon for the first time. Speculation commence!

Edgar is in town (I heard there was a Los Angeles Scott Pilgrim test screening earlier this week) and the filmmaker apparently just met with Joss Whedon. As you might recall, Whedon is rewriting and directing the upcoming Marvel superhero team-up movie The Avengers. And you might also recall, Edgar co-wrote a script for Marvel’s Ant-Man with Joe Cornish before going into production on Scott Pilgrim.

I’ve heard Marvel is very excited to get Ant-Man into production soon and we’ve previously reported that Disney has already purchased a domain name for the Ant-Man movie. Comic book geeks know that Ant-Man is one of The Avengers, and would likely be introduced in The Avengers movie. So is this just a chance meeting, or planning for The Avengers/Ant-Man?

George Lucas Directing Massive Red Tails Reshoots?


We haven’t known very much about Red Tails, the film that George Lucas has been producing about the WWII Tuskegee Airmen. The film was shot last year and has been in post, and there hasn’t been an image or a scrap of footage released to the public. The most significant info about the film comes from an AICN script review filed by the trusty Mr. Beaks, dated well before shooting began. Now there’s a report that Lucas isn’t happy with the footage shot last year and that he will direct “massive” reshoots to fix the film. Read More »


Today’s lesson is: indecision will cost you. As the long saga of Universal’s new version of The Wolfman unfolded, it often seemed to outside observers like the studio and producers didn’t know what movie they wanted to make. Original director Mark Romanek walked at the last minute, Joe Johnston was hired to replace him, then the standard shoot was followed up with more reshoots than is usually the case. There were reports of multiple edits going at once and replacement scores, all of which contributed to the suspicion that the film was a mess.

Now Joe Johnston is talking about the making of the film with unusual candor for a director with his picture still in theaters. He confirms some of the speculation about the making of the film, underscoring what you’d think would be a basic rule for movies based on setpieces and effects: know what you’re making before you make it. Read More »

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When Robert Downey Jr. took the stage at the Golden Globes this weekend, he was wearing a rather famous beard, recognizable and beloved to geeks worldwide. Yep – for some reason, he’d come looking just like Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Stark. And this wasn’t a glue-on, this was something he’d cultivated over recent weeks in order, one would assume, to get his Stark on again, and soon.

But why? Are there Iron Man 2 reshoots going on? Or does Stark have a cameo in the currently-shooting Thor movie?

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