For most of us, Boba Fett was likely our first introduction to the world of bounty hunting. He was the kick-ass bad guy we loved to hate because he was always one step ahead of our heroes. That mythic nature of bounty hunting has faded in recent years, mostly due to reality TV, but Quentin Tarantino is on track to make it cool again. In his latest film Django Unchained, we’ll follow a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) trained to be a bounty hunter by Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). Schultz is hot on the trail of his latest conquest and knows Django is the only person who can help him.

On the movie’s official website, they’ve just launched a new mini-game called Bounty Hunter 1800 that puts you in the shoes of Schultz, as you navigate your way around, looking for bounties and shooting them dead. We’re excited to debut it. Check it out below and don’t forget Django opens December 25. Read More »

With a concept that blends the video game Journey and current NBC hit show Revolution, the Emmy Award winning Fourth Wall Studios today launches the first episode of Flare. It’s an interactive online series set in a post apocalyptic world where the sun is no more. Survivors are scarce, but every morning at 7:44 a.m. a mysterious light shoots into the sky, only to disappear soon after.

That’s the hook for the show and the first episode, The Hunt, follows two of the survivors at odds in the unforgiving world with that one beacon of hope. Burke, played by Jamie McShane (Thor, Sons of Anarchy) has lost everything and runs into the family of Dale, played by Mark Moses (Mad Men, Platoon). The result is a dark game of cat and mouse with everything on the line.

And that’s just the first episode. Fans will soon be able to contribute stories set in this universe that could, ultimately, effect what happens on the show itself. After the jump, check out the exclusive debut trailer for Flare and link to the first episode, which is now online. Read More »

Monsters University is now online. The University, not the movie. Disney has launched the official “.edu” website for the university at the center of their 2013 film, Monsters University, and it’s a rich, detailed and clever take on the college website complete with some Pixar charm. Read about upcoming events, admission policies, social activities and Greek Life, purchase merch in the school store, you name it it’s probably on there. Check out the highlights and get the link after the jump. Read More »

Placing the words “Free Movies” and “Torrent” in the same sentence is enough to make any film producer nervous. Torrenting, the choice of film pirates everywhere, is seemingly growing by the day, even with legal crackdowns on tracker sites. While most of us agree it’s bad for the industry, some places have been embracing it as a way to expand their business. Torrenting has now become an intricate part of The Internet Library, which has begun offering hundreds of films (such as Plan 9 From Outer Space, above) as free torrents. Read more, and get some choice titles, after the jump. Read More »

With the theatrical film experience seemingly fading away with each passing day, it’s nice to know some companies still hold it sacred. Tugg is one of those companies. Launched this past February, Tugg is a website that does virtually all the work of booking a film screening, allowing anyone to set up theatrical screenings of major movies in their local cinema. Since its inception, however, I kind of forgot about the company and decided to check in. What’s going on with Tugg?

What I found was the site has been expanding exponentially. They’re legitimately distributing smaller films, have hundreds of incredible titles available and fans across the country are making use of the service. A quick glance through their library reveals several of my personal favorite films which I’ve never seen on the big screen: The Apartment, Office Space, Rocky, The Rules of the Game, Predator, The Sandlot and several others. After the jump, I’ll show you a bunch of other awesome movies you can Tugg and give you a bit of background on how it’s working. Read More »

“Can’t Find The Luxury You Deserve On Earth? Look No Further Than Elysium”

Sony’s viral marketing campaign for District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp‘s second feature film Elysium might have been the most interesting thing I encountered on the show floor on preview night at Comic Con 2012. They had an border checkpoint booth with a human-shaped automated system to find out if you qualify for homes on Elysium — a pristine man made spaceship oasis for the super rich. The film takes place 150-or-so years in the future where the Earth is overpopulated and ruined, and the rich live on this luxury space station protected by intense anti-immigration laws. The booth at Comic Con contained a bunch of photos of what your home on Elysium could look like, and flyers full of sales information. The flyer points to a website,, which allows you to apply to become a citizen of Elysium. We took photos of the booth and materials, and have included all the images after the jump for you to explore.

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Obviously, this post is a tad self-serving but don’t let that get in the way of what’s a very interesting finding. Japanese scientists believe they found a correlation between the success or failure of a movie based on its online presence and use of traditional advertising. The findings revealed that the amount of social networking and online posts about a film, as on a site like ours, is more directly tied to a movie’s success than the number of commercials airing on TV. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Fox’s official website for Ang Lee‘s literary adaptation Life of Pi is up and running, and while it’s currently light on useful info, it is full of gorgeous imagery to ooh and ahh over. There’s a brief 10-second clip showing what appears to be an early encounter between protagonist Pi (newcomer Suraj Sharma) and the tiger Richard Parker, with whom Pi gets stranded at sea after a shipwreck. Plus, the site features a series of stunning banners. Hit the jump to see more.

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After Jackass 3D grossed over $117 million in 2010, including the number two opening weekend in Fall history, the only things standing between a sequel and the big screen were the aging bodies of its stars. Well it seems like Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O and the gang are ready to go.

Though an official announcment has yet to be made, earlier this week Paramount registered several domains for a film that would be called Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Kevin Smith and film criticism haven’t always had the most friendly relationship. A few years back he lashed out at critics due to the reaction to Cop Out. The battle continued when Red State was released, as the director refused to show it to critics. On the flip side, great reviews certainly assisted in making films like Clerks and Chasing Amy such long lasting hits.

Smith has now found a way to blend his two ideologies with an internet TV show called Spoilers, which premieres June 4 on Hulu. He calls it an “anti-movie review show” where the filmmaker will take a bunch of fans to see ten summer blockbusters on opening day, forgoing the early critic screenings he abhors so much, and then have an in-depth discussion about its merits. “We don’t review movies, we revere movies,” he says.

After the jump, read more about the show and watch a few teaser clips. Read More »