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Trades, blogs, magazines, and newspapers are all viable aways for studios to debut new assets. But in an unusual move, Lionsgate has chosen a fan to debut a brand new piece of art from the highly anticipated The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

We’ve confirmed that, yes, the art released by fan Tori Dipple is indeed official. Dipple is the top fan on Hunger Games Explorer, an official website that tracks social media interaction concerning the film, and that gave her the privilege to debut the art seen below. Read More »


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While there’s been much debate recently of what the biggest awards movie of the Fall will be, there’s little debate what the biggest financial success will be. That title will almost certainly go to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Francis Lawrence‘s sequel to the 2012 hit starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. The film opens everywhere November 22.

/Film is happy to be one of 75 sites (that number chosen to coordinate with the 75th Annual Hunger Games) giving away two tickets to attend the premiere of the film, November 18 in Los Angeles. Read More »

Spike Lee Kickstarter

Chalk up another success story for Kickstarter. With just four days to spare, filmmaker Spike Lee has fully funded his “newest, hottest” film via the fundraising site. Lee’s goal was $1.25 million and he hit that Friday morning. Check out the video thank you and more below. Read More »

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Maybe it’s because it was confirmed during Comic-Con, but I still haven’t fully wrapped my mind around the fact X-Men: Days of Future Past will feature Sentinels. Though we got a glimpse in X-Men: The Last Stand, everyone’s favorite mutant super team has yet to truly tangle with the huge, evil robots on screen.

Director Bryan Singer will finally change that on May 23, 2014 when X-Men: Days of Future Past is released. The film blends the casts of the original X-Men trilogy with the stars of the prequel X-Men: First Class to tell a time traveling story that will expand and change the X-Men universe. You can read much more about the movie here but, below, check out an official blueprint that’s been released of the Sentinels. Read More »

Jackson Live Blog 6

Peter Jackson has, finally, completed filming on his trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. They cast and crew thought they were done some time ago, until Jackson and Warner Bros. decided to extend the story into three movies. That meant everyone had to go back to Wellington, New Zealand this summer (well, summer in our hemisphere) to complete principal photography on The Hobbit: There And Back Again.

To celebrate the final day of principal photography, Jackson decided to live-blog the entire day on Facebook, providing some new behind the scenes images and insight into what occurred over the course of the day. See some highlights below. Read More »

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Briefly: Earlier this week, Karl Urban was quoted as saying only the fans could make a sequel to 2012′s Dredd happen. Now that statement has been taken up a notch. An official petition has begun to circulate, as well as an official Facebook, offering fans the chance to voice their opinions and hopefully let executives know they want to see more stories of everyone’s favorite bad ass judge, jury and executioner. Click on those links for all the info.

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Back in 2002, Vin Diesel was at the top of his game. The Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black and a high-octane action film called xXx were all big hits. However, out of the three potential franchises, Diesel only came back for the Pitch Black film The Chronicles of Riddick and it bombed. He refused to come back for a sequel to xXx in 2005, so Ice Cube took the job and Diesel had a few off years. But with his return to the Fast and Furious films in 2009 (after also skipping almost 2 installments to that franchise), Diesel once again found himself at the top of the world.

Using the success of the Fast and Furious sequels as a jumping-off point, Diesel recently rebooted his Pitch Black character with Riddick, and is now apparently looking to do the same with Xander Cage, the star of xXx. Read More »


The D23 Expo in August will be the true coming-out party for Disney’s big 2014 Holiday release, Tomorrowland. Directed by Brad Bird and co-written by Damon Lindelof, the film stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson telling a family centric sci-fi story about an inventor, an alternate dimension, and a young robot. (Read more specifics here). The film was listed as one of the featured titles at the Disney fan convention and, once that happens, we’ll be there to tell you all about it.

Leading up to D23 though, a viral campaign called The Optimist has begun. It follows a few characters as they uncover secrets about Tomorrowland at Disney theme parks. Read More »

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