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Before HBO began airing Westworld, rumor had it that it might somehow be a sequel to the 1973 film Westworld written and directed by Michael Crichton. As the series geared up, it seemed pretty obvious that the show, created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, was its own thing. But what if it isn’t?

What if the Bad Robot-produced Westworld TV series is actually a sequel to the 1973 Westworld movie? It’s a crackpot theory, I know. I won’t even suggest I believe it. But there is a bunch of evidence to point us in this direction. Or is it really evidence? Are they just fun Easter eggs for fans of the original movie? Hit the jump, grab a cocktail at the Mesa bar and join me as we explore this possibility.

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Westworld Episode 6 Spoiler Review

Last week, Westworld spent the bulk of its time within the park itself (and likely within the show’s past), following Dolores and William as they ventured toward the Maze and had a bloody, empowering Wild West adventure. This week compensated by shifting the focus to park operations (and likely in the show’s present), offering up corporate espionage, horrifying malfunctions, and an overwhelming sense of dread. As we do every week, let’s try to answer 10 questions (some literal, others rhetorical) from “The Adversary.”

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westworld episode 7 Thandie Newton – Maeve Millay hazmat suits

HBO has released the Westworld episode 7 trailer, giving us a glimpse at next week’s episode titled “Trompe L’Oeil.” Hit the jump to take a look and we’ll go through frame by frame to breakdown all the quick cuts.

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Westworld Episode 5 Photos: The Adversary doctor ford in the park

Westworld Episode 6 “The Adversary” aired last night on HBO, and immediately afterward I hopped on Periscope with David Chen to have an informal conversation about the episode. David Chen, as you probably know, runs the popular Decoding Westworld podcast which every week provides a great in-depth and thought-provoking analysis. We are not doing that sort of thing here; instead, we are just chatting off the cuff and presenting theories, opinions, and thoughts.

For those of you who are watching Westworld every Sunday night, I thought you might get a kick of this informal, unofficial Westworld “aftershow” outside of the live boundaries of the Periscope format. So hit the jump and join us for our Westworld episode 6 discussion of “The Adversary.”

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Westworld Episode 6 Photos: “The Adversary”

Westworld Episode 6 Photos: The Adversary doctor ford in the park

Westworld episode 6 entitled “The Adversary” focuses on an approaching confrontation between Doctor Ford and… someone trying to take the park away from him. We’ve seen a trailer for the back half of the first season of Westworld, and now HBO has released photos for this upcoming episode. Hit the jump to see the Westworld episode 6 photos.

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westworld behind the scenes

In this edition of Westworld Bits:

  • A new video clearly and cleanly lays out the multiple timelines of the show.
  • Evan Rachel Wood answers your tough Westworld questions.
  • HBO encourages viewers to look a little closer at the Westworld logo.
  • Someone has put together an incomplete (but still exhaustive) Westworld timeline.
  • Is Westworld missing an opportunity to explore female sexuality?
  • Someone may have discovered where Westworld’s park ops are located.
  • “Dissonance Theory” director Vincenzo Natali shares storyboards from a vital scene.
  • How actual theme park designers got a cameo on Westworld.
  • Westworld‘s composer discusses the use of modern songs.
  • Yes, everyone answers questions about that orgy scene.

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westworld soundtrack

Westworld is the kind of show that offers so many pleasures that I find myself writing thousands of words about it every Monday morning. And now, I have finally the perfect musical accompaniment for when I try to unpack this series’ mysteries and philosophical questions. The first selection of music from the show’s soundtrack has arrived on iTunes and now you can own the show’s theme music and, more importantly, those old-timey covers of modern pop and rock songs.

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The Maze in Arnold's Journal in Westworld

As Episode 5 of Westworld seems to substantiate the Man in Black theory further, it also introduces a bunch of new mysteries and questions. We return once again from having cocktails at the Mesa Gold to bring you a new batch of Westworld theories that will make you question who you are seeing, when you are seeing, the meaning behind the names and much much more. Hit the jump to board the train to Sweetwater.

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westworld episode 5 spoiler review

“Contrapasso” may be the most plot-heavy episode of HBO’s Westworld yet, driving nearly every storyline forward while introducing new characters and new mysteries. Important characters share the screen for the first time while others make decisions that literally change the very nature of their existences.

Let’s dive in and poke around. We have a lot of ground to cover.

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Westworld Episode 6 Trailer The Adversary

Westworld episode 5 “Contrapasso” aired last night, and with it came a new preview for the weeks to come. The new trailer focuses on Westworld episode 6 entitled “The Adversary” focuses on an approaching confrontation between Doctor Ford and… someone trying to take the park away from him. Watch the Westworld episode 5 trailer and get a mini breakdown, after the jump.

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