‘Luther’ Season 5 is on the Way

luther season 5

Idris Elba may have made the successful leap to the big screen (and is looking to break out into full-fledged movie stardom this year), but television keeps calling him home. The versatile British actor will officially return for Luther season 5 and production is set to begin this year.

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Twin Peaks part 6 review

(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion about Twin Peaks: The Return by answering one question: what was the best scene of the episode?)

Twin Peaks is a mercurial show by nature, but one thing’s for sure about last night’s part 6: it wasn’t quite as taxing as last week’s. That’s damning with faint praise, considering part 5 was one of the low points of the series for me. While many of those story threads continued to spool out over the course of this latest hour, at least there were a couple of bright spots mixed in to make it feel like it wasn’t a total waste of time.

In our Twin Peaks part 6 review, we’re thankful for Hawk’s mystery coming into focus, a key question being answered, and Albert’s glorious condemnation of a classic movie star.

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the keenan vortex review

(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion about Silicon Valley season 4 by answering one simple question: what was the most awkward moment of the week?)

In any other episode, Richard Hendricks dabbing after delivering a terrible pun at the end of a business pitch would easily be the most cringe-worthy moment. Watching this dorky guy embarrass himself yet again is almost even worse than when Paul Ryan did it, and with even less of the self awareness.

But here, Richard does that right before trying out a new VR headset (created by a character played by Haley Joel Osment) and immediately vomiting all over the place. Only you, Richard. To his credit, he had warned them that he gets queasy and how did everyone else really think he was going to do, anyway? Richard can barely take this reality.

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american gods a prayer for mad sweeney review

(Each week, we’ll kick off our discussion of American Gods by answering one simple question: which character do we worship this week?)

After the ultimate show of strength, as Mr. Wednesday sliced the head off of another god with a sword as big as himself, American Gods gave us its most tender episode of the show to date. “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney” takes us to Ireland in this grim fairytale, bringing Mad Sweeney under the microscope. Through Mr. Ibis’s narration and another fantastic performance by Emily Browning, Mad Sweeney transforms from lovable fool to tortured soul.

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Agents of SHIELD VFX Breakdown

It’s easy to brush off some of the visual effects we see on television because they’re done with a lower budget and not quite as polished as what is possible on the big screen. However, we’ve gotten to a point where the visual effects in every episode of a network television series can occasionally be more impressive than visual effects on some blockbuster movies, especially when it comes to TV shows from the world of comic books.

Agents of SHIELD is ABC’s TV series that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even though the connection between the show and the movies is tangential at best. While the show doesn’t quite have visual effects that measure up to what we see in the MCU, the fact that these visual effects are done in a much shorter post-production window with significantly less money should not be overlooked.

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Game of Thrones featurette

In many ways, HBO’s Game of Thrones and Spike’s upcoming take on Stephen King’s The Mist couldn’t be more different. One is a mega-popular fantasy series that’s about to enter its home stretch of episodes, while the other is a nascent adaptation that’s just preparing to take its first steps. But hey, here’s at least one way they’re similar: they both recently released behind-the-scenes featurettes promoting their new seasons. Check them out below.
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Futurama Leaving Netflix

Fans of Futurama who have enjoyed watching the animated series over the years on Netflix will be disappointed to hear that the show is leaving the streaming service next month. When June is over, nearly all of Futurama will be removed from Netflix’s library.

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game of thrones season 7 episode lengths

By now, it’s common knowledge that the seventh season of Game of Thrones will be a fair bit shorter than the previous six seasons, running only seven episodes instead of ten. But now, we know the silver lining. There may be fewer episodes in total, but several of those episodes will be longer than any previous chapter of HBO’s fantasy series.

However, the season will also contain the shortest episode to date.

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Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette

You may not have realized it, but the music format of cassette tapes is making a comeback in a big way, much in the same way that vinyl records have become popular again. Nielsen reported that last year, cassette sales rose 74 percent, to 129,000 units, which isn’t anywhere near the 13.1 million units that vinyl is selling, or the 105 million units that CDs are still inexplicably selling. But cassettes are back in a surprising way, and one of the most nostalgic shows in recent memory is going to take advantage of that.

Stranger Things has an amazing, pulsating, 1980s synth soundtrack. The opening theme itself makes people not want to fast forward through the opening credits of the show, something that is rare in this day an age. The soundtrack has been available to download, on CD and on vinyl, but it’s never been on cassette…until now.

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Gypsy Trailer 2

Oscar nominee Naomi Watts is one of approximately 200 characters to appear in David Lynch’s Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, but very soon she’ll step back into the spotlight and lead her own mysterious drama. Netflix has unveiled the first full trailer for Gypsy, in which Watts plays a therapist who crosses the line with her patients and gives in to her desires, throwing her family life into utter chaos.
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