Game of Thrones The Spoils of War Review

(In our coverage of Game of Thrones season 7, we’ll be examining each episode with one simple question in mind – which character is winning the game of thrones this week?)

As the internet made abundantly clear it the run-up to its premiere, “The Spoils of War” is the shortest episode of Game of Thrones. Not by much, but enough to lead many people to believe it would be a filler episode, 50 or so minutes of table-setting following last week’s stunning final moments. These episodes are required in a series this sprawling – the pieces need to be in the right place and the gears need to be turning at the right speed for those trademark big “wow” moments to pay off.

But we didn’t get a filler episode. Instead, we got what may be the best episode of the series thus far, an hour of television that supplied spectacle and character, an hour that paid off numerous plot threads while tearing a dozen more from the series’ increasingly bloodstained tapestry. “The Spoils of War” is Game of Thrones at its best, a reminder of why we fell in love with the show in the first place. Great characters, complex relationships, and massive conflicts that tear our allegiances in every possible direction.

Oh, and dragons.

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The Dark Tower TV show

(In our Spoiler Reviews, we take a deep dive into a new release and get to the heart of what makes it tick…and every story point is up for discussion. In this entry: the big screen adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower.)

The Man in Black fled across the desert, and The Dark Tower movie followed. Bringing Stephen King’s fantasy-epic series to the big screen has been a highly-anticipated dream for many fans of the books. Long have they desired to see the realm of Mid-World realized on the silver screen; to see the adventures of Roland Deschain brought to life. And now that that day has finally come, the results are crushingly disappointing. Because The Dark Tower is one of the most frustrating types of films: it’s neither excellent nor atrocious – it just is. A middling, often lazy film that just sort of lays there like an old, threadbare carpet.

It’s time to travel once again around the wheel and figure out just why this film is such a misfire, and how badly it forgets not only the face of its father but also the very source material that brought it into existence.

Spoilers follow, of course.

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The Dark Tower sequel

Following years of development, a bumpy production period, poor test screenings, and a post-production process that was reportedly plagued with conflicting viewpoints from many different players, a film adaptation of Stephen King‘s beloved fantasy series The Dark Tower is finally in theaters.

But good things don’t always come to those who wait. The movie has received dreadful reviews so far (you should read our full review here), and it bungles the mythology from the novels so much that we wrote an in-depth piece answering a bunch of questions for anyone who hasn’t read the books.

But despite the negative critical reception, Stephen King wants a movie sequel to be rated R and a showrunner has been hired to tackle that prequel TV series. Will either of these projects actually happen?

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Your The Dark Tower Questions

After a long, winding road, The Dark Tower hits the big screen this weekend. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to bring Stephen King‘s fantasy epic to life, and the transition from page to screen has not been a smooth one. The Dark Tower contains some complex, sprawling mythology, and a lot of that mythology doesn’t transfer very well into the film. That may give you pause, but never fear – if you’ve forgotten the face of your fathers, I’m here to show you the way and answer some important questions in the process, especially if you’re a non-reader who was totally baffled by the movie.

Beware of spoilers.

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Game of Thrones Episode Leaked

The internet is dark and full of spoilers for the television event of 2017.

A few days ago, HBO fell victim to a cybersecurity attack and hackers made off with 1.5 terabytes of data, including scripts for and episodes of the network’s current shows. Episodes of Ballers and Room 104 made their way online quickly, but it took a few days for the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 7 to appear in the shadier corners of the internet. But now it’s out there and, in what must be a bit of a headache for HBO, this leak didn’t even come from the original hack.

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The Dark Tower Review

The Dark Tower is the most sprawling series of stories that America’s great modern horror storyteller, Stephen King, has ever told. This is, unfortunately, a difficult thought to shake while watching the 95-minute film of the same name that serves as the hopeful beginning of a film and TV franchise, because there’s far too much left on the sidelines. The Dark Tower, at its core, is a quintessential story of good and evil, but the way the conflict is represented in this film is staggeringly messy and dull. The ingredients for a great movie exist, but they never truly cohere in a satisfying manner.

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game of thrones the queen's justice 3

I tend to be skeptical of Game of Thrones theories, not because they’re not fun, but because the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire seemingly goes out of its way to crush them. Fan theories, like prophecies, tend to fall victim to cold, hard reality in Westeros. Martin’s writing has always felt a kinship with actual history in this way – things often go the way you don’t expect because history is generally unpleasant, unpredictable, and totally out of line with what everyone expected.

So when I write a headline saying “this is a really good Game of Thrones theory and you should read it,” know that I’m taking this quite seriously, thank you very much. Season 7 spoilers, for both past episodes and possibly upcoming episodes, follow.

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HBO hack Game of Thrones

Update: HBO is now reportedly working with the FBI and cybersecurity firm Mandiant to investigate the data stolen in the hack, which may contain employee emails in addition to television episodes and scripts. The cybersecurity attack may be even larger than initially thought, as the 1.5 terabytes of data obtained in the HBO hack is roughly seven times the size of the 2014 Sony hack.

Our original story follows below.


The things we do for love — of a show. But if you love not being spoiled for Game of Thrones, beware: hackers have breached HBO and reportedly plan to release episodes and scripts from upcoming Game of Thrones episodes.

HBO has suffered a major cyberattack, with upcoming episodes of a few of its TV series and at least one apparent script have been leaked online by hackers who breached the entertainment company’s systems. And they’re threatening to release more: namely, the fourth episode of Game of Thrones.

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The Dark Tower Problems Plagued Post-Production

After years and years of waiting for an adaptation of Stephen King‘s epic series, The Dark Tower is now only days away from opening in theaters. Will general audiences jump right into King’s bizarre fantasy world? It’s currently on track to make somewhere around $25 million this weekend, but the accessibility of the story seemed to be a concern throughout the making of the film, leading to a series of creative clashes between the filmmakers and executives at Sony.

Below, learn about some The Dark Tower behind the scenes troubles.

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