Holy Hell trailer

Stories about cults aren’t difficult to come by, but it’s not every day you get a cinematic account from someone who’s actually lived the experience. Film school graduate Will Allen joined The Buddhafield in 1985, and spent the next two decades serving as the propagandist and trusted confidant to the group’s charismatic leader Michel — until everything fell apart in the 2000s amid shocking revelations.

Holy Hell is Allen’s account of time in the cult, combining footage from his years inside with present-day interviews with former cult members. Jared Leto has an executive producer credit on this film, so you know what that means: expect the weird and twisted. Watch the Holy Hell trailer below. Read More »


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Weiner trailer

There’s plenty of insanity to go around on all sides of this year’s presidential race, but it’s not like high-profile elections have ever been scandal- and drama-free. Case in point: remember the 2013 mayoral race? You know, the one that ended with Carlos Danger showing up and ruining everything for then-frontrunner Anthony Weiner? A new documentary, Weiner, looks at the politician’s dramatic and very public decline, offering a juicy inside look at a campaign in crisis.  Read More »

Time to Choose Trailer

One of the most divisive issues among politicians is that of global warming. There’s plenty of evidence out there to point to the environment being affected by humanity, and that’s exactly what Oscar-winning director Charles Ferguson (No End in Sight, Inside Job) wants to call attention to.

Charles Ferguson was said to previously be working on a Hillary Clinton documentary, but Huffington Post recently highlighted the difficulty he had trying to make the movie, which sounds slightly unsettling. Instead, what we get for now is a new documentary called Time to Choose. The film takes a look at various areas around the world to see how the climate and environment has been changing over the years and why it’s been so hard to do something about it.

Watch the Time to Choose trailer after the jump. Read More »

De Palma Trailer

Director Brian De Palma is one of the most influential and iconic directors that cinema has ever seen. His body of work includes films such as Scarface, Carrie, Blow Out, The Untouchables, Casualties of War, Mission: Impossible, Snake Eyes, The Black Dahlia, Carlito’s Way and most recently, Passion. Now the filmmaker himself dives into his impressive ouvre in a documentary simply titled De Palma.

Directors Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha) and Jake Paltrow (Young Ones) sat down with Brian De Palma to conduct about 30 hours of interviews, featuring the filmmaker recounting unheard stories from his time behind the camera, working in the Hollywood system and paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock with his own work. Watch the De Palma trailer below to see just how amazing this documentary is going to be for cinephiles. Read More »

how to build a time machine trailer

How to Build a Time Machine, the new documentary from director Jay Cheel, looks fascinating, following two men whose lives were forever changed by H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. One has spent over a decade building a replica of the time travel device from the 1960 film adaptation. The other is a theoretical physicist who read the original novel after his father’s death and hopes to find a way to go back in time to save his life.

The film will make its debut at the Hot Docs film festival next month, but a new trailer and poster (from Mondo regular Phantom City Creative) have arrived, giving us a glimpse at what certainly looks like a compelling and moving film.

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Zootopia Documentary

Disney’s Zootopia is already one of the most successful films of the year. The film has raked in over $786 million worldwide and it’s one of the best reviewed films of the year with a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. If you haven’t gone to see it yet, you’re missing out on one of Disney’s best animated films. Personally, I even think it’s better than Frozen, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6.

If you’ve already seen Zootopia, then you might want to check out a fantastic 45-minute documentary that takes you behind the scenes, showing how the movie evolved during the two years of production that a team from Fusion spent at Walt Disney Animation studios. It’s a thorough and fascinating look at how an animated movie is made and how Zootopia changed during that process.

Watch the Imagining Zootopia documentary after the jump. Read More »

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Daisy Ridley Screen Test

This week brings Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Digital HD on April 1st before the movie arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on April 5th. We’ve gotten plenty of teases of the special features that will come with the movie, from a feature length documentary about the making of the sequel, to the first table read with the cast, and several deleted scenes.

Previously, one behind the scenes clip showed off John Boyega’s screen test while he was auditioning for the role of Finn. Now another clip shows off some cool behind the scenes footage featuring the Daisy Ridley screen test that landed her the part of Rey, one of our new heroes. Read More »

Star Wars Documentary

There was a time when Star Wars didn’t inspire the kind of excitement that it does today. Nowadays, whether you’re a fan or an actor desperate to get a role in the latest movie, you can’t help but get extremely excited for the prospect of what’s to come. But back in 1976, there weren’t any Star Wars fans, and a job on this original sci-fi movie from young filmmaker George Lucas was just another job.

The documentary Elstree 1976 takes a look back at what it was like to be on the set of the original Star Wars, through the eyes of some of the actors whose names you probably don’t know unless you’re a hardcore fan. In addition, we get to see how some of the actors have their own little fanbase, and how Star Wars has touched their lives. But they didn’t all have an equally satisfying experience. Watch the Star Wars documentary trailer to find out more. Read More »

tower review

On August 1, 1966, a gunman climbed the tower at the University of Texas in Austin and opened fire with a high-powered rifle. After 96 minutes, the sniper was dead, but so were 16 of his victims. Dozens more were wounded. A nation looked on in shock. And it was just the harbinger of more violence to come in the ensuing decades.

Tower is director Keith Maitland‘s beat-for-beat retelling of what went down during those 96 minutes and an examination of the aftermath, exploring how the events of that day changed those who were there and set the stage for an America where school shootings are so common that no one bats an eye when they occur. It’s a sobering, even stirring, film. And it’s partially animated.

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