Guardians of the Galaxy Concept 3

One year after Guardians of the Galaxy was officially announced at Comic-Con, the Guardians of the Galaxy cast and crew descended upon Hall H with the first footage from the new movie. Guardians is in Day 13 or 14 of shooting in London, but the team took the day off to fly into San Diego for Comic-Con. They were rewarded with an enthusiastic reception.

Director James Gunn and stars Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Benicio del Toro, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Pratt were at the panel to present the reel, as well as to dish out a few spare details about their characters. Hit the jump to get the details.

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Ant-Man will kick your ass, one inch at a time.” That’s what director Edgar Wright said after lying through his teeth this week that he was in London and then appearing on stage at the Marvel Hall H panel Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Wright, who co-wrote Ant-Man with Joe Cornish, shot a short test reel recently showing how Ant-Man would look in his super small state. Even though there were blue screens and super unfinished effects, we’re happy to report that it works. And is awesome. And he has a fairly new look.

What really stood out, though, was not that the effects worked. The footage played with a lot of humor. Read more about the footage after the break. Read More »

There are some potentially stunning movies coming out for the rest of 2012 but I’m not sure any will make me squeal in my seat twice in a minute like Wreck-It Ralph just did at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. During the Disney panel, which also featured Frankenweenie, Oz The Great and Powerful and The Lone Ranger, Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore came into Hall H – along with co-stars John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, made a few announcements and showed 10 minutes of the film. A good portion of it had already screened at more specialized events – the D23 Expo and CinemaCon 2012 – but this was its true coming out party. There was more footage, more finished footage and pure joy to be had with both. After the jump, read about the footage screened from the November 5th release. Read More »

In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, you will see Kristen Stewart wrestle with a mountain lion. She also jumps waterfalls in a single bound, climbs mountains and hugs Robert Pattinson really hard. At the first Hall H panel of San Diego Comic Con 2012, director Bill Condon (via video) and the cast and crew of the November 16th film screen the first seven minutes of the movie, most of which centers on Bella’s first time acting like a vampire. “It felt so good to break her in,” Stewart said of this films’ newly vamped character character. “See how fast the car goes.”

After the jump, read about the first seven minutes of the film and the rest of the final Twilight movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Read More »

With Tim Burton in press mode promoting Dark Shadows, Disney took the opportunity to show a bunch of journalists scenes from his other 2012 release: Frankenweenie. Burton’s 3D black and white return to stop motion animation (after producing The Nightmare Before Christmas and co-directing Corpse Bride) is a re-telling of one of his earliest films, the story of a young boy who brings his dog back to life a la Frankenstein.

Burton specially edited together 26 minutes of footage from the movie to give an idea of the tone, humor and scope of what audiences will see come October 5. Not surprisingly, Frankenweenie is decidedly dark, but with a quirky, fun tone that escalates into something much bigger than the early trailers have suggested. After the jump, check out a video blog I recorded about the footage as well as some new photos from the movie. Read More »

There are a great many questions surrounding Pixar’s 2012 offering: Brave. The film, which stars a willful, red-headed princess named Merida, is not only Pixar’s first period piece, it’s their first movie with a female lead. There was a major, public directorial change early in the production procees, and it’s by far the company’s most visually realistic film to date. Coming from a world where fish, cars, monsters and toys are king, will a realistic female princess struggling with not only her family but her own identity be something audiences will flock to en masse, even if the story is filled with magic, action and humor?

Disney selected a small group of journalists who’d never been to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA to watch the first thirty minutes of the movie, hoping to alleviate many of those worries. In that aim, they succeeded. Over the next week or so, you’ll be reading interviews with director Mark Andrews, producer Katherine Sarafian, the story artist, production designer and much more. But, for now, here’s a video blog of myself and Cinemablend‘s Katey Rich discussing the first thirty minutes of Brave. Read More »

Some fans consider negative comments about The Dark Knight totally blasphemous. Christopher Nolan‘s 2008 mega-blockbuster has reached the kind of untouchable status where it’s not only considered by many to be the best superhero movie of all time, some even consider it one of the best movies of all time. I think it definitely warrants mention in the superhero argument but, personally, don’t think it even comes close to the second column. Neither does critic Jim Emerson, apparently, who has just debuted a new feature on Indiewire called In The Cut where he breaks down action scenes shot by shot trying to figure out what the filmmaker did right and wrong.

His first deconstruction is the chase sequence in The Dark Knight where Harvey Dent is transferred between jails. According to Emerson, “We notice lapses in visual logic whether our brains register them consciously or not. I found this sequence utterly baffling the first time I saw it, and every subsequent time.  At last, I now know exactly why.”

Find out why after the break. Read More »

The worst thing about Disney not allowing any cameras or phones into their big movie panel at last weekend’s D23 Expo is, instead of seeing gorgeous images from The Muppets, The Avengers, John Carter, Oz The Great And Powerful, Wreck-It Ralph and Brave, you get three film-bloggers on a rooftop.

In an effort to let everyone know what exactly was show at the D23 Expo, and what we all though of it, Germain Lussier and Peter Sciretta joined Alex Billington of FirstShowing to discuss the brand new footage from all of the above movies. The conversation, which took place on the roof of the Anaheim Convention Center with Disney’s California Adventure as a back drop, was long but we’ve got it broken down by time so you can pick and choose what you want to watch. Check it out after the break. Read More »

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