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We all know how Hannibal Lecter likes to eat humans: with fava beans and a nice Chianti. But has anyone ever released an official Silence of the Lambs Chianti? One company has now, and Mondo is making posters to celebrate the occasion.

The Alamo Drafthouse, in fact, has created two wines themed around the multiple Oscar-winning Jonathan Demme film, The Silence of the Lambs. There’s Hannibal Lecter’s “The Cannibal Chianti” and Buffalo Bill’s “Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio,” both of which are now on sale. To drum up interest, Mondo recruited poster artist Caesar Moreno to make two posters for the film, each of which are incredibly specific and directed at true super-fans of the film. They go on sale Thursday, check them out below. Read More »

So you’ve got the shoes. You’ve preordered your 2013 DeLorean. What’s next on the Back to the Future technology checklist? How about a functional Hoverboard and the ability to make a car fly? Amazing technology is in the works that, at its early stages, looks like it will eventually be able to pull those things off. And while these experiments aren’t as Back to the Future specific as Nikes or DeLoreans, the applications can certainly be connected.

Check out videos of a working hoverboard as well as Quantum Locking, a process that makes objects levitate and move on a track, after the jump. Read More »

After a long day of flying around in a Viper attempting to preserve the precious few human beings left in the galaxy, a pilot needs a drink. And the best of the best drink out of this. Quantum Mechanix Inc. has created a 1:1 prop replica “Top Gun” stein from Battlestar Galactica, perfect for pretending you just wasted some frakkin’ toasters and need to kick back. Check out a gallery of images after the jump. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Life-Size ‘Akira’ Replica Bike

While looking around Craigslist last night, I came across a listing for a Life Size replica of Kaneda’s Bike from Akira. Built by Hollywood Fabricator Eddie Paul for Rapper/singer/record producer  Kanye West, this Akira Bike is for sale for only $4,000. The only catch is that it is a collectible meant to be displayed, not ridden. Made from steel and vacuum-formed plastic with rubber tires, the bike was built for the Kanye West Music Video “Stronger” (but was cut from the final video). Kanye West and the music video producer signed the bike. Hit the jump to see more photos.

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Here’s something that could just be a footnote in the story of how technology helps us view movies differently, but it is a neat little footnote. MovieBarcode is a Tumblr that presents films reduced to pure color. Each ‘barcode’ on the site features every frame of a given film vertically stretched and then assembled into something that looks like a barcode. The result is like a graph that charts the use of color in any given movie. That’s The Matrix above; see a few more after the break. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

/Film reader Jose Cordova has pointed me towards a few user created levels of the video game Little Big Planet inspired by the movie Back to the Future.
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Cool Stuff: Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

LucasFilm has finally released their long-promised Death Star cookie jar. Available exclusively from for $49.99, the cookie jar measures approximately 12 x 12-inches, and is made of sculpted ceramic. Here is the official product description:

The exclusive Death Star cookie jar is built to hold an Imperial army of your favorite cookies, and can even double as a festive ice cooler or candy bowl at your next Star Wars soiree. Made of sculpted ceramic with great detail and features a flat base to keep your Death Star from rolling off the counter. Oh, and no exposed thermal exhaust ports for hungry young rebels. A very cool exclusive available only at StarWarsShop!

See more images after the jump.

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Cool Stuff: ‘Ghostbusters’ Wedding Cake

We have featured some geeky wedding cakes over the past few years (including a zombie wedding cake, and not one but two Back to the Future wedding cakes). Charm City Cakes have created an awesome Ghostbusters-themed wedding cake for DonnaMarie and Ricky.

They wanted to incorporate their shared love of the movie into their wedding cake. Their idea? To replicate the final scene of the movie, when the guys are battling the Stay Puft Marshmallow man from atop an NYC skyscraper, only with the bride and groom doing the proton pack zapping. … So we met with the happy couple (twice, actually!) and along with LOTS of reference photos, they even provided us with a DVD of the movie so that we could be sure to get every detail just right.

Hit the jump to see some better photos of the cake (including one in the dark with light up proton pack action.
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LAIKA Animation’s Holiday Card

Today I received an online holiday card from LAIKA, the animation company behind the film Coraline. It’s a short 2D animated cartoon, and since its online for all to enjoy, I thought I’d share it with you guys. Check it out now on or embedded after the jump.
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Cool Stuff: 2011 Time Travel Calendar

/Film reader and graphic designer Alex Griendling has created an awesome 2011 Time Traveler’s Calendar. Here is some information from the artist:

I made a 2011 Time Traveler’s Calendar that places 95 individual instances of time travel from Movies/TV Shows/Video games onto a single timeline. 7 Videogames. 16 TV Shows. 34 movies. 95 individual instances of time travel. 1 timeline. This calendar takes 95 time travel occurrences and places them on a single timeline. Watch thousands of years of time travel take place over the course of 12 months! Some highlights include the Back to the Future franchise, the Terminator franchise, LOST, Army of Darkness, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, and the Star Trek franchise. As a reader of your site, I thought you might enjoy this project I just wrapped up as it may fit well in your “Cool Stuff” section.

The calendar can be purchased for only $20 on storenvy. Hit the jump to see some example photos.
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