Cool Stuff: Threadless’ Disney Villains T-Shirts

Walt Disney Pictures held a contest on the popular t-shirt website Threadless to come up with tee signs based on the popular Disney animated villains. The submissions were voted on, and the fifteen highest voted were printed and are now available on the site for a limited time only.  Big corporations like Disney tend not to produce the “coolest” of merchandise, but some of these designs almost look good enough to be something you would see on a screenprinted poster by Mondo. Check them out right now after the jump.

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For the princely (or make that kingly) sum of $30,000 plus shipping and handling, you can spend the next season of Game of Thrones watching from an Iron Throne of your very own. Also after the jump:

  • Bruce Boxleitner says Tron: Uprising is “not a kiddie show”
  • Friends With KidsJennifer Westfeldt goes to HBO
  • Rebel Wilson‘s Super Fun Night could be headed to ABC
  • Is a Mad Men star leaving the show for good?

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Marvel fans have already had a pretty damn good summer with the release of The Avengers in theaters and Avengers vs. X-Men in comic book shops. Now they have some more awesome stuff to covet. Reebok has teamed with the comic book publisher to release limited edition shoes centered on characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Sabertooth, Deadpool, Venom and more. Check them out below. Read More »

Talk about a brilliant cross promotional marketing opportunity — Walt Disney Pictures teamed with Threadless on a contest for artists to create t-shirt designs based on our favorite characters from The Muppets. The winning designs have been printed as t-shirts you can purchase. Hit the jump to check out the designs.

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Is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this year’s Black Swan? Last year, the gorgeous ballet costumes of Darren Aronofsky’s launched a thousand glossy fashion spreads and dance-inspired outfits; this year, it’s David Fincher’s crime thriller that seems to inspiring trends. Star Rooney Mara recently appeared on the cover of Vogue in a (no doubt insanely expensive) Ralph Lauren dress with a dragon design embroidered on the back, and now retail chain H&M is getting in on the Lisbeth Salander action as well.

The Swedish clothing company has teamed with Dragon Tattoo costume designer Trish Summerville for an upcoming line of pieces inspired by the character, such as beat up jeans, leather jackets, and defiantly slouchy hoodies. (You’ll presumably have to get the tattoos, piercings, and unflattering haircuts elsewhere.) More details, including a photo and video of the collection, after the jump.

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Your stereotypical Star Wars fanatic may not be known for his fashion sense, but in the real world, there are plenty of would-be Jedis who want to look stylish while showing off their geek pride. LucasFilm and Adidas Originals have collaborated in the past to create Star Wars-inspired gear, and their geek-chic partnership continues with a brand-new fall/winter 2011 collection. This time around, the team turned to the ice planet Hoth to create cold weather-appropriate shoes and jackets for the upcoming seasons. Flip through the lookbook after the jump.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

We all have our collections. For me it’s pop culture themed art prints, for Quentin Tarantino it’s film prints and for John Lasseter it’s Hawaiian prints. On shirts. We’ve all seen the Pixar Creative Chief do interviews in what has become his patented Hawaiian shirt and it seems like he’s always wearing a new one. He probably is. The San Francisco Chronicle recently did an interview with Lasseter about Cars 2 and he was gracious enough to give a tour of his house, which included his closet and 374 Hawaiian shirts, all of which are in the current rotation. That’s more shirts than are days of the year. But that’s not even half of it. Read More »

Cool Stuff: ‘Toy Story 3′ Crew T-Shirts

The people at Pixar are creative in every aspect of their productions, including the crew t-shirts. Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich has released photos of all of the Toy Story 3 crew t-shirts for all the various departments who worked on the production of the film. Hit the jump to see photos of the t-shirts.

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Today’s t-shirt design of the day over at TeeFury is a Star Wars/Ghostbusters mash-up which features Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi in a Ghostbuster’s uniform holding up a ghost trap (get it? just like Ackbar’s famous line… yeah…). As with all of Teefury’s tees, the shirt is available for only $9 plus shipping, but will only be available today (January 18th 2011) and today ONLY. So act fast.

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