There’s a special place in geekdom for fans who have the patience and skill to make Lego versions of their favorite movies. When a fan makes a real life version of a motorcycle or a working lightsaber, that’s obviously cool and impressive. But doing something similar in Lego feels so much more difficult. Most of the time there are no blueprints, no instructions, just your memory of the movie, knowledge of what Lego components are available and then the ability to not only find them all, but make them look exactly like what they’re doubling. It’s remarkable.

And this set might be the best one yet.

After the jump, check out a bunch of images of Lego renditions of scenes and ships from Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read More »


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While fans patiently wait for Edgar Wright to get back behind the camera after Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the filmmaker has been busy getting into a new medium: comic books. But not paper and ink comic books, Wright has written an online motion comic that he and his co-creators are urging the fans to help them finish. It’s called The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator and it follows a writer whose lack of creativity has driven him to a very dark and lonely place. Then, one day, he passes out and wakes up with a bunch of ideas he doesn’t remember coming up with.

The first episode is now online and, after you watch it, the comic turns into an interactive flash game where you can give Brandon ideas and influence the next chapter of his story. Read more after the jump. Read More »

If the question “What do people love most about Katsuhiro Otomo‘s manga turned classic japanimation film Akira?” was on some alternative, amazing version of Family Feud, Kaneda’s motorcycle would be the number one answer. Sure the animation is fantastic, story compelling and voice acting emotional. But it’s that motorcycle that sells the movie. People all over the world have tried to create it, continue to buy toys of it and now one man has built a model so perfect, even the Akira creator has recognized it as official. His name is Masashi Teshima from Fukuoka, Japan and after the jump, you can see his perfect Akira replica. Read More »

Mattel’s official Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard is currently available for sale and is exactly like it was in the movie. Minus the whole hovering thing. And while we’ve seen scientific experiments that this technology might be possible in the future, one guy has modded his Hoverboard to be the real thing. Read More »

Back to the Future will never die. Every few months something noteworthy pops up tied to Robert Zemeckis‘ time travel trilogy such was the theatrical re-release, Blu-rays and limited edition Nikes. Mere hours ago, rumors of a possible Broadway show even began to circle. Now photos of a custom made, unbelievably detailed version of Hill Valley 2015 have surfaced online. They were created by Alex Jones, who can only be refered to as a Lego savant. He’s captured the entire square, down to every single store, person and more. Check out a huge, twenty photo gallery after the jump. Read More »

When people think of a “pop idol” they generally think of someone who is young, talented, had a quick rise to fame and the kind of devoted loyal fan base who’d wait 24 hours on the street to see them. By those standards, and many more, U.K. based artist Olly Moss is now a pop idol. He rose to fame with his extremely popular designs for Threadless, began making insta-sell-out posters based on properties like Lost, Star Wars and The Evil Dead and quickly became one of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists today because of unique minimalist style and obvious passion for the material.

Moss was at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles this weekend to premiere his first solo art show, an event which had been shrouded in secrecy for months. Fans began lining up 24 hours beforehand to have a chance to snag a Moss original and as the opening drew closer speculation ran rampant. What would fans see when the doors finally opened? The answer ended up being not only incredibly brave and exciting, but a reminder that pop culture art is still, actually, art. Titled Paper Cuts, the show featured 300 laser cut, black Victorian silhouettes of pretty much every pop culture character you can think of from movies, television, comics and video games.

Moss exclusively spoke to /Film about his surprising show minutes before the doors opened. We discussed the concept, his rise to fame, favorite art, and the time his computer crashed trying to buy his own print from Mondo. After the jump, read the full interview, see photos from the show, the process and more. Read More »

Sometimes the best April Fool’s jokes are great ideas masquerading as jokes. For example, ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag from a few years back, originally just a joke, eventually became a reality because it was so clever. We can only dare to dream that this awesome April Fools joke has the same fate. IGN has created a one minute trailer for a fictional television series called The Aurors, a Harry Potter themed series on FX that follows “an elite unit of law enforcement agents within the Ministry of Magic.” Warning: If you are a fan of Harry Potter, watching this video and realizing it’s a fake will be insanely depressing. Check out the trailer after the jump. Read More »

If you collect toys and love Pixar, then these videos will start as exciting and turn into depressing. It shows a wing at Pixar Animation Studios that specializes in 3D printing. Basically, employees can take a frame from any of the Pixar movies and, through specialized printers, output a picture perfect, plaster, 3D model of a character or object from a movie.

While toy companies who deal in Pixar materials can certainly make merchandise that looks like it’s from the movie, these machines make models that are precisely from the movie. Which is incredible. But the fact that I can’t have the little alien in the video – that exact one – on my desk right now, or ever, is upsetting. Watch at your own risk, and find out exactly what these models are used for, after the jump. Read More »

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