Batman Family Car Detail

One of the best movie-related April Fools gags I can remember was from a few years ago: ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. It was a gross, hilarious idea that got so much attention, Lucasfilm actually allowed the company to make and sell the product.

This year, ThinkGeek is back with another batch of inspired movie related items that you’ll either really want because they’re so clever, or laugh at because they’re so mean. Items such as the Batman Family Car Decal above. Check out more below. Read More »


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The team that brought you the first official Back to the Future Lego is back at it again, and this time they run on steam. Team BTTF has created a functional, unmistakably detailed Lego recreation of Doc Brown’s Jules Verne Train that appears at the end of Back to the Future Part III. The Lego Cuusso project only has a few hundred supporters at the time, and needs 10,000 to get put in front of the Lego board but, that’s bound to happen with this cool creation.

Not to be outdone, Harry Potter fan Alice Finch created a jaw-dropping, 400,000 brick, room by room recreation of Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter films. Check out photos of both below. Read More »

On the Internet, our capacity for amazement increases on a daily basis. It’s so easy to find incredible things from talented, devoted people that creations like a hovercraft Back to the Future Delorean or an Empire Strikes Back Hoth room might just get a passing glance. We’ve seemingly seen it all. Yet even with that in mind, I’m still blown away by what people can do with Lego.

The latest example is a stunningly detailed, fully-furnished and accessorized headquarters from Ghostbusters. It’s all there: The Ecto-1, the fire pole, Chinese food, containment unit, everything. Check out some images below. Read More »

Think you’re a Star Wars fan? You’ve got nothing on Barry. Barry turned one of his rooms, the entire room, into a 140 square-foot recreation of the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. From AT-ATs and Snowtroopers, to Snow Speeders and explosions; it’s all there in painstaking detail.

Check out photos and even a video below. Read More »

Halloween is right around the corner and, odds are, you might already be partied out. Most sane people chose to have their parties over the weekend with the holiday on a Wednesday. But maybe you’re still excited, still have plans and still looking for a stand out, geek costume. Look no more. Grab a trench coat, fedora and check out a video that shows you how to (inexpensively) make a movie Rorschach mask just like the one in Watchmen. Read More »

Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has long said his aim with the AMC show was to demonstrate how a seemingly normal person could slowly become Scarface: a cold-blooded, millionaire drug dealer. Most of us fit into that first category. We live our lives, go to work or school, have a family, hang out with friends and that’s it. Think about the things that would need to happen to turn you into one of the most dispicable, evil people alive. That’s what Breaking Bad is all about.

That man is Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. Father, husband, chemistry teacher and riddled with cancer. He decides the best way to make enough money for his family to survive after his passing is to “break bad” and cook meth. But things don’t quite going according to plan and, after the jump, you can see a fantastic eight minute fan edit of how Walter White the school teacher became Walter White the criminal over four and a half seasons, up through last Sunday’s mid-season finale. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Part of what makes Batman so popular is we all feel like, if we had his money, we could be that person. Just give us billions of dollars and we could afford the suit, the car, the fighting lessons and parental issues. Of course that’s not true but now, here’s proof you can definitely have your very own Batcave. Elite Home Theater Seating posted images of a project they’re helping with: building a Batcave home theater for a California resident. And as you can see above, it’s super impressive. Check out more images after the jump. Read More »

VOTD: Pixar Fan Builds Real Life WALL-E Robot

Going by Pixar’s timeline, we’ve got about 800 years until WALL-E is a reality. Thanks to California resident Mike Senna, we’re a tad ahead of schedule. Senna spent the last two years building a life size, working WALL-E that has to be seen to be believed. Since actual materials, decals and parts from WALL-E don’t exist, he was forced to build the entire thing from scratch and the results would likely make everyone from John Lasseter to Andrew Stanton proud. Check out the video and more after the jump. Read More »

Is there anything cooler than a robot? Seriously. Put a robot in a movie and you’re half way to glory. From Metropolis and Star Wars, to RoboCop and Short Circuit all the way up to 2013’s Pacific Rim, robots in movie are a tried and true geek staple. Unfortunately, the reality of robotics is far less exciting. Robots are either small and simple or big and complicated. The middle range, humanistic robot founds in those movies don’t quite exist and if they do, they’re less fun and more practical.

That’s changing, though, thanks to a recent reveal at a festival in Tokyo. There, a company called Suidobashi Heavy Industries revealed their own rideable, hydraulic 13 foot, 4-ton fighting robot called Kuratas. Kuratas is expensive (over $1 million a piece) and bulky but he runs off an iPhone and has a gatling gun for maximum carnage. Check out some video and images after the jump. Read More »

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